Universal Top Ten Statement Concerning Yukon Events

In a joint statement between CP Army HQ & CP Army Network, we are announcing the following change to the Top Ten formula in response to concerns of a growing culture of multilogging on the private server Yukon.

Over the past few weeks, more armies have begun using Yukon as their primary private server for hosting events. While we have no issue with the platform itself, it is extremely easy to multi-log and particularly in comparison to CP Rewritten. This has been a growing concern for many people, including us, because it becomes virtually impossible to police it on our end.

Upon discussing how to go about confirming cases of multilogging, we contacted the developers of Yukon, who informed us that they are not, and will not, log any IP addresses. Without this information, or a whistleblower coming forward, there is no way to provide conclusive evidence that multilogging is occurring. However, the problem persists and we have concluded that action is necessary in order to take a stand against this growing concern and to defend the interests of the majority of the community that continue to operate honestly.

A common sentiment is that it is just as easy to multi-log on CP Rewritten as it is on Yukon. Following our investigation, we dispute this based on the following findings:

  1. No email confirmation or real email is needed to create an account. It is very easy to create multiple accounts in a matter of minutes. You just simply enter the name/password/any email and can then log in. On CP Rewritten, an email that is not from a spam provider is required, and the account must be verified.
  2. There is significantly less lag on Yukon, making logging on multiple accounts far easier than it is on CPR. Superhero123, who has been inspecting and editing the Yukon code for CP Army Battlefield, told us that he believes “the Yukon HTML5 has better optimised code for the features crucial to Club Penguin Armies than CPR, based on how army performance feels like in each CPPS. This is by probably having better optimised code for things like loading penguin sprites and handling chat bubbles, the game uses less CPU power and memory and therefore has increased performance for army warfare”.

Following our discussions, we made contact with the top five major armies and received their support to implement the following regulation:

Effective immediately, army events that are held on the private server Yukon will be subject to a 0.6 size multiplier.

The 0.6 multiplier is subject to change, dependent on the continued activity of armies using Yukon. This regulation is open to any further private servers that experience the same issues we have highlighted today.

The administrations from both the CP Army HQ and CP Army Network are satisfied with the action taken today, and remain focused on defending the interests of those operating legitimately in our community.


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