Judges Unify With Creation of the CPA Judges

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After almost a year of separate judging organizations, judges finally unify once more. What caused this unification?

January 2021 saw the CP Army Hub fall apart after various events, and with that, all judging organizations at the time disbanded. Similarly, Adobe Flash shut down, so there was no immediate effort to get judges for any battle on Club Penguin. Fast forward to February 7th, and the community sees CP Army Headquarters open to initiate rebuilding after much loss, with this opening statement. However, the first essential judge requests came with March Madness 2021. Unfortunately, March Madness opened a can of worms with many claims contesting the results. Some also claimed bias in the Top Ten, leading to CP Army Network‘s formation to rival CP Army Headquarters. Each organization founded its judging leagues, and there was little hope for reunification.

When Legends Cup XI rolled around in the summer, CP Army Hub announced the tournament yet inactive shortly after. Therefore, CP Army Network took the reins and announced their version of Legends Cup XI. After CPAHQ and CPAN fired posts at each other over the incident, CPAN decided to not host LCXI, and let the community decide what to do. With that decision, an independent board of army leaders took control of the tournament, as announced in this statement. The community created an independent judging system for Legends Cup, which carried over to Christmas Chaos XI and AUSIA Arena. On September 8th, 2021, talks of unification began within CPAHQ, introducing the concept in either organization.

AUSIA Arena also introduced United Media, a mix of CPAN and CPAHQ reporters posting on the tournament, finally paving the way for the unified judging announcement. After deliberation for nearly a month, with army leaders from around the community, the plan was established, and a server was created. On January 26th, 2022, the creation of the “CPA Judges” server occurred. After the setup of the server finished, with the blessing of puffles appearing on CP Rewritten one day before, CPAHQ and CPAN finally made similar announcements in their respective servers on February 23rd:

Judges Unify in CPAJ - CPAHQ

CPA Judges Announcement in CPAHQ

Judges Unify in CPAJ

CPA Judges Announcement in CPAN

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Chairwoman Spotty of CPA Judges for a statement on the unification:

Honestly I’m relieved that the unification has finally happened as it is way overdue. I’m hoping that this is just the start of a bright future for judging.

At last, anyone who wishes to judge battles can do so in a shared server for CPAHQ and CPAN. A step towards complete unification of the community will undoubtedly have some initial struggles but much success eventually. However, it seems that all judges and community members are excited, in their own ways, about the unification finally taking place. Only so many battles can be judged with one-half of the community, but now, we have two. CP Army Headquarters wishes the best for CPA Judges and hopes that this organization will carry us into a new era of judging.

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