Positivitea, 1st Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters, Mythic’s tiny corner desk – Hello, netizens of the CPA Headquarters discord server. Amid all of the negativity in CPA, be it wars, exposés, arguments, or even negativity in real life, we at CPAHQ bring you Positivitea! The idea is relatively simple, every two weeks, I will select a few people from the CPA community at random and ask them to say something kind about anyone else from the CPA community. All commenters will be anonymous, though this may change in the future. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the positivity!

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Our first compliment is for Mattstr0/Popcorny! Popcorny joined the CPA community through the Pirates of CP in 2013 and has been in many armies throughout their career, including the Templars, Snow Ninjas, Dark Knights, and Green Mercenaries. Currently, Popcorny is part of the CPA Headquarters Judging team and advises for the Templars. 

Popcorny has always been really kind, and sweet to me. It’s only recently that we started talking. It was about something that I wasn’t okay with, and he told me that he sympathized with me and my situation. We had a long conversation on it, and I came to find out that he had been a secret fan of my posts, which only gives me the encouragement to write more. I honestly don’t know much about him personally, but from the little that I do, I know he is a good soul, and a great judge! I will always want the best for him!


I reached out to Popcorny and asked them to guess who complimented them. Their reaction was:

I think it has to have been Disha who wrote that as for sure I’ve been a big fan of her posts for a while and definitely think she’s one of the best writers around in the community. Also we chatted about the Ausia Arena where we spoke about what happened and all that and I discovered then what a lovely person she was. I hope we’ll be seeing lots of her posts in the future and I cannot wait to read them!

Our second ever person to be complimented is Disha! If you don’t know who Disha is, She’s currently part of CP Army Headquarter’s staff team as an Editor! Disha started her CPA career when she was recruited into Help Force in May of 2020. While serving as a troop for Help Force, she discovered the Silver Empire and decided to migrate to their army. Not long after, she became inactive in the community, not returning until early June 2021. She currently serves as Second in Command for the Silver Empire!

Disha is very amazing, her dedication is admired by me so much, i even ask her a lot of questions about reporting and being a staff in the army. I respect Disha so much that i wish one day to be like her in both reporting and staff, she has a kind heart and she cares for her friends and co-workers so much. i love her and God bless her <33
I reached out to Disha and asked her to guess who stated that about her, and her reply was:
This is so so sweet
Idk Beasto?
Last but certainly not least, our third person to receive a compliment was: Max! Max is currently an Admin of CP Army Headquarters serving as Associate Director, and previously led the Army of CP during their Club Penguin Private Server golden era.
The dopest media admin there is, with your progressive thinking you advance the community and I want to thank you lot for that!
After receiving the compliment aimed towards Max, I reached out to him for a reaction, and he guessed:
Awww what a lovely thing for someone to say :XD:
Ummm I’m not too sure who said… maybe Superhero?
That’s all for this week’s dose of Positivitea! Would any of you like to be featured for the next edition of Positivitea? If so, stay tuned for Positivitea #2, and maybe you’ll get the chance! Thank you to all those who were kind enough to compliment others, and thank you all for reading!

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  1. Disha February 18, 2022 (2:23 am)

    I got it right!

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