New Promotion: Lyd Joins the Night Warriors Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Days before the Small/Medium Free-For-All, the Night Warriors announced the promotion of Lyd. What was the reason behind this promotion? What impact will Lyd have on the army?

On February 9th, the Night Warriors leader, DFGV, announced that Lyd will be joining the leadership team,  alongside him and Epic101. He also stated that this promotion is very deserving to Lyd since she had been working hard.

Lyd’s induction as a leader for the Night Warriors

Lyd first joined the community back in 2019. She first joined the Pirates of Club Penguin but would go on to serve in the Help Force. Lyd has participated in various tournaments such as the Legends Cup X, Legends Cup XI, March Madness, and Aces of Ausia. She has attended wars as well such as the Silver Rush war.

Help Force vs Silver Empire in the Silver Rush war

The CP Army HQ was able to reach out to Lyd for her thoughts on getting inducted as a leader:


What are your thoughts on becoming a leader?

I’m really looking forward to working with Epic and DFGV more than I have been prior to lead our team together!! and I’m really excited to see where my new role will take me

How do you think your leadership will have an impact on the Night Warriors?

I want to help my Hcom and junior staff get better together as a team, I think that’s vital in any army and a priority to target at the moment

What is the most important thing that your planning to improve in the army as a leader?

As I said before I’d like to build the teamwork within the staff team. secondly, I’d like to work on our recruiting and helping some of the newer troops get to grips with recruiting

What has been your favorite memory within the Night Warriors so far?

I really like Invader and Exodia’s 7am VC parties, they’ve been the highlight of my week

What did you feel like when you saw your promotion to a leader?

I was pretty happy! I told a few of my CPA friends as well and they were all happy for me too, which made it much more exciting

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to those who want to become a leader in their army one day?

Support your current leaders!! They do so much in order to keep the army running and make it successful; so help them out or the chain of command where you can. attend events as much as possible and contribute to the community.

Lyd seems very excited about her promotion within the Night Warriors. According to her, it seems that she will be working on improving the army with her own ideas in the future. Is this promotion well deserved?

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