Mercenary Maximized: Greeny Promoted To Commander-in-Chief

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, the Mercenaries of CP recently introduced a new addition to their top tier of command. The one who they promoted to the rank of Commander-in-Chief is none other than S/M Army Legend Greeny! Who exactly is Greeny? What can the CPA community, and the Mercenaries themselves, expect from his leadership?

Earlier today, an announcement was made within the Mercenaries of CP’s discord server. Emperor Bull/Ikka announced that S/M Legend Greeny would be stepping up to lead the army. 

Bull/Ikka announcing Greeny’s promotion

Greeny first joined CPA through a lesser-known army called the Barbarian Empire of CP. He spent a short while serving as a troop and staff member but later decided to create his army. On April 5th, 2013, Greeny and a few of his colleagues from the Barbarian Empire founded the Lime Green Army of CP. Soon after, the Barbarians declared war on Lime Green Army, accusing Greeny of troopstealing, though the war ended in Lime Green Army victory due to the Barbarian Empire’s closure. Greeny has led many other armies within the community, including the Doritos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Pink Ninjas, Pookies, Teutons, Underground Mafia Army, and Water Ninjas.

The Mercenaries of CP were founded by Midnight on December 18th, 2020. Not long after, they reached the required max of ten to be considered an official army under the Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Recently they have participated in the AUSIA Arena tournament. They maxed 13 in Round 1 against the Silver Empire, though unfortunately were unable to secure the victory. 

Mercenaries battle against the Silver Empire

Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Greeny for a short interview and a deeper look at his thoughts and feelings towards his promotion.

What led you to join the Mercenaries of CP?

I was approaching the leader about allying LGA since we are returning in April, and in return he offered me a leading position in Mercenaries until LGA is back.

As someone who’s led both S/M armies and Major armies before, what are the pros of leading an S/M army over a Major army?

I think even S/M armies strive to be major. It’s more work, where as if an army is already major, things are already flowing. With a S/M, you have to build that chemistry.

What are your favorite memories from your time in CPA?

Anytime LGA maxed 30+ was fun. Considering I was there when the army was maxing 3. Seeing the growth was awesome.

What plans do you have for the Mercenaries of CP?

Show them the ways I learned being in the community for almost 10 years.

What can the CPA Community expect from your newfound leadership?

From me personally, not too much. I will show these folks strategies I’m aware of when it comes to warfare. Once April comes along my focus will return to LGA though. This started as me asking Mercenaries to ally LGA, so if anyone else out there wants to ally with LGA slide me a DM.

Greeny wants the army to develop and gain strength over time. As he said, most small armies “strive to be major.” Will the chemistry grow with Greeny helping the army?

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