‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’ – The Impact of AUSIA

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – We’ve previously established that the AUSIA community didn’t always exist. About a decade from initially being formed, how has it impacted our community?

With the start of the AUSIA Arena tournament in January 2022, United Media has been bringing you a variety of information concerning the Aus/Asia community. When looking at its history, it became clear that this sub-community grew immensely over the last decade – hosting many AUSIA based armies and legends alike. Continuing  our journey to understand what AUSIA means for the history, we take a look today at how it has changed Club Penguin Armies; and compare modern armies to that of the late 00’s.

Iceyfeet1234 is known for creating the Ice Warriors back in 2008, while Mchappy is known for his work in the Army of Club Penguin, starting in the same year. Both leaders are known for being some of the few veterans left in modern day armies, with a lasting impact on their army’s legacy as it unfolds.

Ice Warriors vs Army of Club Penguin | AUSIA Practice Battle circa 2014

United Media approached Iceyfeet and Mchappy, and interviewed them to gain their views on what the AUSIA community has brought to armies.

First can you just remind the readers of your history and experience in Club Penguin Armies?

Iceyfeet: Of course! I created the Ice Warriors many years ago and I am currently one of the 4 leaders of the army. I have been through several tournaments, wars, trainings, recruiting sessions, meetings, you name it.

Mchappy: I joined armies in Spring 2008, eventually finding my way to ACP in December of the same year. I went on to lead ACP on three separate occasions and in general have been around to help armies in the best way I can since then.

In your eyes do you think the introduction of AUSIA divisions impacted armies at all?

Iceyfeet: Of course, armies need to have a diverse community in order to thrive, and an AUSIA division a huge aspect of that, especially in times of wars.

Mchappy: Of course AUSIA impacted immensely! Particularly for ACP, it has been our “not-so-secret” secret weapon when it comes to wars and other occasions.

How has your AUSIA divisions benefitted you as a leader?

Iceyfeet: The IW AUSIA division has helped us maintain our stance as one of the largest armies. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.

Mchappy: I was the leader who hired Flipmoo and introduced AUSIA to ACP. With Flipmoo’s amazing leadership, we solidified a time zone that was still freshly new to major armies (as in, not really thought about). Under my leadership, the most we ever did with AUSIA was just hold recruiting and training but eventually Flipmoo would go on and build a legacy unlike any other.

If the AUSIA community suddenly disappeared from Modern CPA, how would that make you feel?

Iceyfeet: If the AUSIA community disappeared out of the blue, the community would be devastated. There would be a huge gap in activity in armies, and the community would be even smaller than it already is today. On top of that, we wouldn’t be able to host the extra tournaments like the current one that we have all been enjoying.

Mchappy: It would feel very weird? Over the recent years, AUSIA events are usually the ones I can attend most often so an army community where AUSIA is no longer present would make the community feel a little more empty to me. As a whole, armies allow people to meet different types of people from all over the world and the AUSIA community continues to provide a unique perspective.


The introduction of the AUSIA community has had a lasting impact on CP Armies, with armies encouraged to accommodate them in their weekly schedules. To this I ask everyone, how well does your army accommodate for your timings?

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