‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Semi-Final Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – Following a weekend filled with controversy and rule breaks, we look forward to the semi-finals of the ‘AUSIA Arena’ tournament. Let’s see what outcome the community is predicting for the upcoming battles!

AUSIA Arena’s Quarter-Finals provided the community with four fascinating battles, including many unexpected turns. The top four armies have now advanced to the semi-finals of the Tournament and the preparations are well underway. Last-minute recruiters are working double-time and the battle judges are picked. As always, the United Media Team will bring you the predictions for the upcoming battles.

This week, we decided to invite the entire community to participate by including a poll open to all army enjoyers. A grand total of 31 people decided to share their anonymous guesses. What are the communities predictions?


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Templars

The first battle of the semi-finals takes place on Saturday, with the Black Rebels countering the Golden Squires. Their last matchup in the Legends Cup XI semi-finals showed a 3-0-0 sweep by the Rebel Penguin Federation. They bring a plethora of recent Tournament wins to the table, yet the Templars have recently shown a rapid rise to the top as well. Snatching the #1 spot in January, will the Templars be able to defeat the tournament top-dog and turn the tournament tables?

Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars in their LCXI semi-final matchup

Aaron, CPAN Board: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

DMT, CPAHQ Administration: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Max, CPAHQ Associate Director: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Paddy, CPAN Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Disha, CPAHQ Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Amber, CPAN Board & Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Light, CPAHQ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)


Community poll results:

Community results for the RPF-TCP semi-final battle


Help Force vs. Ice Warriors

Similarly to the first matchup, Sunday sees two rivals go head to head once more. The Ice Warriors may have recently claimed the spot of the #1 army of the year 2021, but the Help Force is not far behind. The Helpers surprised the community with an astonishing max of 53 in their last battle, which secured them a clean sweep against the Army of CP. As history is keen to repeat itself, will the two armies be able to break their LCXI curse, or will the CPR Moderators claim another win for themselves and gift yet another overtime for the two blues?

Help Force and the Ice Warriors in their LCXI semi-final matchup

Aaron, CPAN Board: Help Force (2-1-1, win by OT)

DMT, CPAHQ Administration: Help Force (2-1-1, win by OT)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Help Force (2-1-1, win by OT)

Max, CPAHQ Associate Director: Ice Warriors (1-0-2)

Paddy, CPAN Head Judge: Help Force (2-1-1, win by OT)

Disha, CPAHQ Editor: Ice Warriors (2-0-1)

Amber, CPAN Board & Head Judge in CPAN & CPAHQ: Help Force (1-0-2)

Light, CPAHQ Head Judge: Help Force (2-0-1)


Community poll results:

Community results for the HF-IW semi-final battle


The community poll and the staff predictions agreed on the first battle, yet the second seems to split the opinions. Will we see a recurrence of the Legends Cup semi-finals or can the community expect the unexpected? What do you think, who will proceed to the Finals?

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