‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Quarter Finals Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The AUSIA Arena’s Quarter Finals have now come to an end, which four armies have made it through and secured a place in the Semi-finals?

On the 29th of January, the quarter-finals of the AUSIA Arena commenced. As the second week of the tournament witnessed four battles, in which eight armies battled it out for chance to be in the semi-finals. Lets see how the four battles ended and which armies went through to the semi-finals.

Ice Warriors vs Secret Service

The battle between the Ice Warriors and the Secret Service was one of the shortest battles, as the Ice Warrior troops entered the room, they were able to cover the Secret Service troops immediately. The first room saw a one sided battle by the Ice Warriors, which gave them the first room win. But as soon as the second room was announced, the Secret Service logged off, leaving the Ice Warriors in the second room alone, which automatically ended the battle with a Victory to the Ice Warriors.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Army of Club Penguin vs Help Force

The second battle also not a close battle as the Help Force reached a massive size of 45 penguins in a room. This allowed their tactics, forms and bombs to be perfect in all three rooms. The Army of Club Penguin tried their best as well to comeback in the battle but unfortunately due to the size of the Help Force, they found themselves covered a lot. This battle ended in 3-0, with Help Force moving onto the semi-finals.

Winner: Help Force

Silver Empire vs Templars

This battle between the Silver Empire and the Templars was a very close battle, even though the Templars had a size advantage, that didn’t stop the Silver Empire. They kept going strong with their forms and fast tactics, trying their best to dominate the three rooms. However, the slight size advantage of the Templars made it a hard task for the Silvers. The battle ended with the Templars winning room one and rooms two and three both being a tie.

Winner: Templars

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings

The judges of the battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings witnessed an exciting show of forms and tactics by both armies. As the battle began, the Rebels and the Vikings entered the first room and started their fantastic fight, both armies had neat forms and fast tactics. Though the Water Vikings fell behind a bit as some of their troops were afk whilst moving around. On the other hand, the Rebels were fighting strongly and doing their best, which rewarded them this room. However, in the second room the Water Vikings made a comeback with bigger and more organized forms, the Water Vikings were able to cover the Rebels despite the size advantage. Due to their forms which made them look bigger as well as faster tactics, the Water Vikings won room 2. The last room also saw a very close fight between both armies, with each army sending their tactics and doing their best to win this room. Despite this, the size advantage of the Rebels won them the third room allowing them to cover the Vikings. The battle ended with the Rebel Penguin Federation coming out as the victors with a win of 2-1.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

This concludes the Quarter Finals results, as we have witnessed multiple intense and close battles, with all armies doing their absolute best. We cannot wait to see how the rest of the tournament plays out, especially with how close week two became to be. Here at United Media, we would like to wish the last four armies all the best for the Semi-Finals!

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