‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Icons of AUSIA

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – With the Quarter Finals of ‘AUSIA Arena’ approaching, let’s take some time to know some of our AUSIA Icons and seeing their perspectives of how their respective armies AUSIA divisions.

The AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition Tournament began on January 22nd, 2022. So far it has proven to be the most anticipated AUSIA tournament in the history of Club Penguin Armies, given the auspicious timings as well as the formation of United Media, to provide news coverage. However, how do some of our icons of AUSIA view the tournament? In this segment, United Media spoke to CSY, Vedant and Misty, all well-known figures of their respective armies, that are part of AUSIA community.

CSY’s army history began in 2015 in the Army of Club Penguin, which remained to be his home having led the army towards the end of the Flash era. Vedant joined the Help Force in 2019, and has since led the army through multiple heights, including the finals of the Aces of AUSIA in 2020. Misty joined the Water Vikings in 2020, and remains to lead the army’s AUSIA division.

Help Force vs Army of Club Penguin | Aces of AUSIA Finals

United Media sat down with all three leaders, to discuss their thoughts on the AUSIA tournament, and it’s community.


How do you view your army’s AUSIA division compared to their EU/US divisions?

CSY: ACP has always prided ourselves in our AUSIA division, as one of the armies that pioneered the creation of AUSIA under Flipmoo. Whilst currently, ACP’s AUS division might be slightly lagging behind in terms of sizes when compared to our strongest US division, I believe AUSIA has still kept up in terms of consistency, with number of weekly events similar to that of EU/US.

Vedant: HF’s AUSIA has always been consistent since its rise back in 2020.

Misty: WV’s AUSIA division is a force to be reckoned with. It’s growing steadily, often matching its EU counterpart. I’m extremely proud of WV’s AUSIA division 😀

If your army didn’t have an AUSIA community, how would that impact you individually?

CSY: Coming from OG CPA, AUSIA divisions were notoriously known for being small, as CP itself was not too popular during AUSIA friendly hours. An AUSIA force was often a hindrance towards the sizes of a big army. Being an AUSIA member myself, I always had difficulty, be it socializing with the main part of the higher command of the army, or often having little help in running such division. Luckily, the switch to discord has allowed a greater reach to potential AUSIA members, so I’ve never felt a lack of an AUSIA community in ACP. I don’t think I would have had the chance to lead ACP if it wasn’t for our consistent AUSIA though, and perhaps I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience the army community either. Or perhaps, I’d have stuck to an EU schedule, making my sleep schedule even more screwed 😛.

Vedant: If it didn’t have one when I had joined the leadership, being an AUSIA member myself, I’d ensure that an AUSIA community would be established.

Misty: I’d like to think if we didn’t have an AUSIA community, I’d work towards building one. I remember promising Guncotton that I’d make sure our ‘AUSIA gang’ would grow, when I first joined and saw how everyone was EU/US. Looking back, I’d like to say “mission accomplished.”

Do you believe that your army has the ability to win AUSIA Arena?

CSY: I think if ACP puts their mind and grinds for it, they can accomplish anything.

Vedant: Help Force won the first AUSIA tournament under my lead in 2020, and I’m sure they have the ability to defend their title this year.

Misty: I most certainly do! There may be some AUSIA giants out there, but the Water Vikings have a knack for having the odds stacked against us emerging victorious. #AusiaTide 🌊.

Do you think that as time passes by, your army’s AUSIA performance will become even stronger?

CSY: They’re doing great things with the army, going from SM to major amidst a leadership change. I’m sure whether or not ACP wins the tournament, ACP’s AUSIA will get a big boost from the tournament and will be on the rise here on out.

Vedant: Yeah I definitely feel the AUSIA will get stronger than what it is right now. Excited to see their performance in their battle this weekend because HF vs ACP was the finals of the 2020 Aces of Ausia.

Misty: I do believe so. Ausia gang stronk.

It’s clear that these AUSIA Icons are excited to see how the tournament will continue as it moves forward. United Media wishes these icons and their armies the best of luck in their battles, and will keep you informed on how the rest of the tournament plays out..

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