First to Move, Night Warriors Utilize Yukon over Club Penguin Rewritten

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, the army community has witnessed the return of the Night Warriors. However, upon their return, they’ve begun to use a new private server platform. Why did they make this transition?

The Night Warriors have recently made their return to the army community. Under the leadership of DFGVTommy 1738, and Exodia/Reacon, the Night Warriors have seen large turnouts in both of their events. Originally, the army planned on using the mainstream platform Club Penguin Rewritten, however, after much difficulty on January 15th, announced they’ll be looking elsewhere.

Night Warriors Event on CPR (1/15/22)

After a week-long wait, the Night Warriors found their new private server; Yukon. Little is known about Yukon, or where it came from. Similar to Superhero123’s Club Penguin Armies; The Game, the platform allows users to input item IDs to add items to their inventory.

Within their debut event, the Night Warriors maxed a total of 33 using the Yukon private server. Compared to their Club Penguin Rewritten event, they maxed nearly double.

Night Warriors maxing 33 at return event.

CP Army Headquarters was able to get a hold of Night Warriors commander, DFGV, on why the Night Warriors moved to Yukon and turned their backs to Club Penguin Rewritten.

DFGV: Well, we had decided to use Yukon after the troubles we had faced in our first event. Many of our troops were complaining that they could not log in due to severe lag and their pages being smothered in ads. The next best option was Yukon and with our maxes doubling, I think the results speak for themselves.

Clearly, after astounding results, the Night Warriors are sure to continue to use Yukon’s services. Being the first army to not use Club Penguin Rewritten, a ripple effect is surely set to happen within the community. Will any other armies desert Club Penguin Rewritten? Will another private server open their doors to armies, or open their doors in general?

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