Closet Effects: The Roman Helmet and its Variations

KLONDIKE, Myth’s Fashion Studio – Welcome one and all to the inaugural post of Closet Effects, the brand new column brought to you every other Friday. Within this column, I’ll be looking back at specific Club Penguin items that influenced various uniforms.  Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Roman Helmet, and the two variations of the helmet used in post-Club Penguin games.


I. What Item is on Today’s Agenda?

One of the most notable head items within the game, the Roman Helmet is one of the most iconic uniform pieces within various armies. Originally called the Roman Soldier Helmet, the item first appeared in 2006, debuting in February of that year. It would only ever make one more appearance, that being in October of that same year. Depicting that of a Roman soldier’s headgear, the head item has a golden helmet, followed by a red crest on top.

Roman Helmet Icon from Club Penguin


There have been only two more variations created, both for Club Penguin Private Servers. These two custom items were introduced in Club Penguin Online, and one in Club Penguin Rewritten. Of course, I am talking about the Black Roman Helmet and Silver Roman Helmet. Created in 2018 by Club Penguin Rewritten, the Silver Roman Helmet came first. However, Club Penguin Online created their own Silver Roman Helmet, along with the Black Roman Helmet in 2020.

Roman Helmet Variations from CPPS

II. What Armies Have Used the Item?

Many armies have worn the Roman Helmet, but only a few use it well. The most notable inclusion of the Roman Helmet is the Army of Club Penguin. Within their original uniform dating back to 2006, the clovers are recognizable by their green and helmet.

Army of Club Penguin Uniform

Two other iconic armies who utizile the Roman Helmet are the Romans and the Golds. Both armies currently reside as inactive, yet both have seen various revivals in years prior. The Golds just shut down in 2020 due to the closure of Club Penguin Online. The Romans unfortunetly closed back down at the end of 2020. 

Romans CPPS Uniform

Other variations have the helmet have been seen on other prominant armies as well. Both the Black Roman Helmet and the Silver Roman Helmet were rewards to armies within Club Penguin Online. Created from the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors, the items were gained from codes for both armies, making uniforms easily accessable

CPO Uniform Codes

III. The Lasting Affects of the Item

The Roman Helmet is one of the rarest items within any Club Penguin game. The item has made brief and scarce appearance betweens the orignal Club Penguin, and the many private servers. Even its few variations have made few appearances. Because of its rarity, its lasting affects are both greatened, and tainted.

Armies within 2022 try and create the most efficiant uniform possible. Because of this, rarer items aren’t put into the discussion. That seems to not be the case with the Roman Helmet. Multiple armies have incorperated this item and its variations, into their uniform, even with its incredible rarity.  The Trojans, are the most recent army to include this item, utilizing the Silver Roman Helmet.

Trojan Head Items

IV. Conclusion

The Roman Helmet and its two variation have made their presence known within the army community. The Roman Helmet is one of the most recognizable items in game, and specific armies can be instantly recognized when wearing this item. No matter how rare the item may be, it will always find its way onto some penguins head. Is the Roman Helmet a classic item? Is it best recognized with specific armies? If so, which ones?

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