Templars Declare War on Bose DK Warriors Following Invalidated Viking War

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars – Just hours following the invalidated declaration of war onto Water Vikings, the Templars have shifted their focus onto none other than the Bose DK Warriors. What happens now?

The Templars, an army known for waging war on armies large and small, attempted to declare war on Water Vikings last night. Unfortunately, due to the active Treaty of the Axe and Sword it was invalidated. An official Club Penguin Army Headquarters statement on the matter can be found here. Something to note, the punishment for violating the treaty includes a complete surrender of all Templar land.

Due to that fact, not many people would consider it surprising when a landless Templars declared war upon the Bose DK Warriors. In an announcement today at 11:35 AM GMT, Xing cited the main reason for the war as “we need some fun and TT points, man!” – followed swiftly by two invasions scheduled on the Warriors.

January 20th – Xing declaring war on the Bose DK Warriors, followed by the war terms. Click to enlarge.

The Bose DK Warriors officially opened sometime in November, 2021. As they are a joke army, they seem to be a group of friends made up largely of Help Force members. In the months that they have been around they have typically placed in the lower half of the weekly Top Ten Armies. Bose DK Warriors are also the second largest army in terms of land controlled on the map – a possible factor in the Templars’ declaration.

January 1th – A Bose DK Warriors event peaking at 10 Warriors

To find out more information regarding the initial declaration, and how Bose DK Warriors are planning to defend themselves, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to both Xing, Templars leader and Diwix, Bose DK Warriors leader.

For Xing, what was the main reason for initiating this conflict?

Xing: Seeing as how there’s still a league table and Water Vikings won’t bother to do anything, I think we can safely say that taking on Bose DK will mainly provide for us to get Top Ten Points, new recruits and points on the league table as a whole. I don’t really care what anyone has to say really, doesn’t matter. Just playing the game.

For Diwix, what was your initial reaction to the declaration, and how will Bose DK Warriors emerge victorious?

Diwix: I choked on my chicken biryani seeing the ping in the CPAHQ server from Xing in the invasions scheduling channel, with his war declaration on our army. It took me a few minutes for myself to recover from such a shocking moment and my heart raced at incredible speeds. I almost said out loud, “TERI MAA KI CHUTNEY BOSE DK”. I never expected the #1 army on the top ten leaderboard to declare on a S/M army like us. How are Bose DK going to win? We will have to get all the curry we can, blast some Bollywood bops as loud as possible and fight this war by feeding templars curry so spicy they cry for their mothers.

From the statements alone, it appears Xing is continuing the Templar’s domination across the community. Every few weeks now, the Templars have issued declaration of wars onto the most unlikely of armies – the Silver Empire and Red Ravagers notably. However, with Bose DK Warriors being what many would call a “joke army,” – can we expect the leader’s main army, the Help Force, to compete? According to Diwix, the war declaration was “shocking” but the army is fully prepared to blast Bollywood bops and feed the Templars curry…? Only time will tell how effective this strategy actually is, but what do you think?



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