Inactive Celts Announce Merge with Secret Service

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Hours after former leader Ronaldo Vargas departed the server, the Celts of Club Penguin announced their merge with Secret Service. 

The Celts were created in June 2014 by Bandage23 and Earthing. A rising star, the mainly AUSIA army made its debut on the S/M top ten within a week of opening its doors. Before closing later the same year, the Celts engaged in numerous wars against the Flame Bandits and Lime Green Army. On October 30th, 2021, Glitter and Ronaldo Vargas announced their intentions to revive the army. The current generation maxed a best of 5 and gained admittance to the CP Army Network and other leagues.

Celts Event from October 2021

On January 16th, Glitter announced that the Celts of CP would be merging with the Secret Service. This statement came approximately 3 hours after Ronaldo announced his intentions to depart the server, leaving ownership to Glitter. Following Ronaldo’s retirement in November 2021, Celts fell quiet; the last known event was some time that month. Due to their inactivity since Ronaldo’s retirement, the recent merger decision comes as a surprise.

Celts merge with Secret Service

Announcement of merger with Secret Service

CP Army HQ contacted Glitter to ask what prompted the decision to merge with Secret Service and their plans for the future.

Celts has been pretty quiet lately, what led to the sudden decision to merge with Secret Service?

Ever since Ronaldo left it’s been quiet so I decided to merge with SS since Pandor asked me too.

Do you expect we will see another return of Celts anytime in the future?


Given your leadership experience, what kind of impact do you hope to have in Secret Service?

A good impact or maybe a great one.

Now that you’ve merged, what are your future plans?

I plan on making SS great again.

The latest generation of Celts may have come to a quiet end, but Glitter is hopeful in the future of Secret Service. With her leadership experience in tow, she hopes to impact Secret Service significantly. Expect to see more of Glitter as an agent, although she has not ruled out a future Celts return.

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