BREAKING: Fire Warriors Leader Pranav Banished Following Attempted Defection

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Fire Warriors leader Pranav has been banished after attempting to “destroy the army from within”. However, Pranav tells a completely different story in his exclusive interview with CP Army HQ: that he was in-fact undercover on a mission for moral justice.

Ten minutes before the Fire Warriors were announced as the small-medium winners of the CP Army HQ New Year Bonanza battle server, their leader Pranav mysteriously departed from his position as Commander-in-Chief. The circumstances surrounding his leave were confusing, with no official statement made. Suspicions intensified over the next few hours as former leader Sweater ordered the leadership and higher command to “remain silent”, with leadership telling CPAHQ reporters: “Delete the topic, we do not consent. Fire Warriors are not talking to the media”. This abrupt response left the CPAHQ media team concerned about what they were trying to bury.

Over the past 24 hours, however, it would appear Sweater changed his mind and has instead released a one-thousand word article on the Fire Warriors website that details the events leading up to, and during, Pranav’s departure from the army. The crime he has been accused of is causing internal drama and planning to defect from the army while attempting to encourage other staff to leave alongside him.

The events leading up to this began as early as mid-December, when Trojans leader Otter made Pranav aware of the serious accusations made against Warriors leader Rach. These accusations concern her relationship with JaketheBird when she was aged 19 and he was aged 16. Sweater then reveals in his article that Pranav was in-fact the leader that made him aware of his former friend AustinFraud being hired as an unofficial advisor behind his back. This was the catalyst that saw Sweater seize control of the Fire Warriors website and issue the leadership an ultimatum. 

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Just a week ago, Sweater claimed this intervention was in the best interest of the army, but now apologises to the leadership and Austin. His articles insinuates that Pranav misled him, and his message with claims of being “coerced” into agreeing with the other leaders, was the reason the drama unfolded in the way it did.

“Pran told an anonymous source that his plan was built to establish morals. He claims Fire Warriors were not transparent enough (as he did the first time) and that specifically what I did, regarding our website, is wrong. Pran, I’ll give you this one. I apologise to the leaders once again for the way I conducted myself in regards to the unbanning of AustinFraud. I should’ve kept my distance and allowed you to operate however you see best. This is my public apology to Austin for the September incident and more.”

Upon his departure on Sunday, Pranav was accused of attempting to “destroy” the army by encouraging other staff to also defect with him. We reached out to Pranav, and he was keen to be interviewed in order to share his side of the story.

Thank you for speaking with me. Could you explain in your own words exactly why you decided to leave?

Pran: Yes, I initially wanted to both grow Fire Warriors and also destroy the reputation of the two individuals – Rach and Real. However, it soon became harder to do both from within the army, and even though I wanted FW to become major regardless of who was leading, because of Jakob and Myth wanting to leave, that became impossible. I found myself in a deep mental rut, and decided that I could no longer go on pretending to the other two individuals who were leading with me that I was fine with their actions in the past. None of it had to do with what the other 3 leaders did behind the advisors back, hiring Austin initially, although that bugged me a lot.

What do you make of Sweater’s claims you tried to “destroy the army” by encouraging others to leave with you?

Pran: Destroy the army, I have never done. Destroy the reputation of specific people yes. I only told two others to leave at the end (Jakob and Myth) although I did feel like leaving earlier myself. Myth and Jakob wanted to initially leave themselves after finding out what the two aforementioned individuals did, and I slowly started to accept it myself, eventually losing faith and just told them that they could leave (which they had wanted earlier). As for Luci and Dexosz, both had a choice, and I did not propose that choice. I saw what they said, but I did not go as far to even suggest anything to them such as “go to another army”. What they did is solely their own choice.

So you joined FW with the intention of destroying Real and Rach, from the very start?

Pran: Not entirely, no. I initially joined just to grow FW into major, and Real hadn’t done anything. However, while I was leaving Trojans, Ivy and I had a small argument about what Rach did, and about me supporting her by joining Fire Warriors willingly. I initially did not want to get involved in the drama between Ivy and Rach, but I slowly started getting corrupted by my own morals and instincts, and asked others who knew about what Rach did exactly, such as Kattle, and determined that both her side and Jake’s side made mistakes, and that she had not regretted her actions or come out with a statement fully. I only wanted them to regret what they did in the end, rather than defend it. I would also like to add, if possible, that if Jake were also in the community, I would’ve tried to do something similar to Jake as well, as from what I gathered, that he has not regretted his actions either, only defended them, after some more research into his side, that is.

What are your feelings now towards the Fire Warriors leadership?

Pran: Right now, I do not have anything against Conor or Ugly, I understand their actions to a point. While I am offended that they accused me, Myth, and Jakob of troop stealing, which the two staff had a choice in deciding which army, I do not have anything against them personally. However, for both Real and Rach, I will keep trying to spread the word till both of them admit that they took some actions that were mistaken, and that they regret it completely. Although what Real said is unforgivable, I will stop telling others in the army community about this secretly, as soon as they both admit their mistakes to the entire army community.

This interview is extremely revealing, offering a new side to Sweater’s narrative of the events. While the Fire Warriors leadership label his actions as betrayal, Pranav has instead stated he was on a moral justice mission. The true guilty party is contested, and each member of the army community will surely have their own opinion.

Sweater concludes his leadership statement by stating Pranav has been banished from the army and had his Hall of Fame revoked. He then announced he has rejoined the leadership and will be leading alongside Rach, Ugly, and Real. Pranav has now resided in the Templars higher command, but admits he is unsure whether he really wants to continue in the army community.

This is the second scandal surrounding the Fire Warriors in the past week alone. There is no doubt that their internal affairs have them playing with their own fire, and losing due to yet more controversy and drama. How will Pranav’s actions, and departure from the army, effect them moving forward? Will his absence see them crumble to ashes, or will they be better off without him?


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