Rebel Penguin Federation Host Winter Olympics

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – This past week saw the Rebel Penguin Federation enjoying their Shrek-inspired Winter Olympics. Which of the four teams won, and what are the final results?

Inspired by the international Winter Olympics events, every year the Rebel Penguin Federation carry out their own version of the competition. This winter, teams Orcus, Asinus, Crustulum, and Dominus competed in various sports. The Rebels carried out one event in each time zone for five mini games on Club Penguin Rewritten across this week. Winners of each game would be awarded medals and points, which meant every time someone won a game they earned points for their team.

On Sunday, January 9, the four teams entered the battlefield in a massive royal rumble. Unfortunately this event, which also marked the opening ceremony of the Olympics, had no winner. However, the teams did get to flaunt their custom uniforms.

Rebels Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

On January 10th, Monday, the first event was announced. The entire day was devoted to the mini game Cart Surfer. Before the games began, the Rebels had a Shrek movie stream event to get in the mood for the theme of the Olympics. Team Crustulum claimed the first gold medal of the Olympics in the AUSIA event. Later that day, Team Dominus earned a gold in the EU contest and Team Asinus won during the US contest. Obviously, other teams won points for second and third place as well. At the end of the day, Team Asinus had the lead in terms of points, with one gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

The US Cart Surfing Tournament

On January 11th, the second event of the Olympics commenced. This time, the entire day was devoted to the Dance Contest. After not earning a single medal in the previous day’s US contest, Team Dominus swept the entire day and won all three gold medals. This earned them extra Streak Bonus points, as they claimed gold thrice in a row. Moreover, they also earned Underdog points for winning after completely losing the US event. At the end of the day, Team Dominus stole the lead from Asinus with 170 points.

The US Dance Contest

On January 12th, the third day of the Olympics saw a very contrasting picture from the real life version of the event. While we often observe athletes maintaining a healthy diet to stay in top condition, the Rebels indulged in a Pizzatron Tournament. Needless to say, the pizza event saw heavy participation, and produced many winners. Team Crustulum won a total of 12 gold medals by the end of the day, due to many of their members hitting the 40 pizzas average. However, Dominus retained their lead by getting 9 gold medals and several others. By the end of the day, Dominus had 312 points!

The US Pizzatron Tournament Event

January 13th saw the Rebels grab their surfing gear as they participating in Catchin’ Waves tournaments for the fourth day. The surf proved to be too much to handle for two of the teams, as Crustulum and Dominus were the only ones to feature on the scoreboard. Despite this being a major blow to team Asinus and Orcus, they did not lose hope and continued to compete with full vigor. At the end of the day, Dominus still had their lead with a total of 372 points.

The EU Catchin’ Waves Tournament

On January 14th, the final tournament day of the Winter Olympics commenced. However, the final day also brought forth the most adrenaline pumping game – Sled Racing. Once again, Dominus and Crustulum were the only teams present on the scoreboard during the AUSIA Sled Racing Tournament. Team Dominus bagged the gold medal during this event. Team Asinus and Orcus finally managed to break through to bag silver and bronze respectively during the EU version, but Dominus retained their first place in the event. In the last sporting event of the Olympics, Team Dominus once again won gold, thus executing another gold medal streak. With 482 points, Dominus also ended up as the winner of the entire Olympics.

The Last Tournament Event

On January 15th, the Rebels logged on for a final EU Closing Ceremony event. They managed to max 40 for the ceremony.  Each team showed up in their special uniforms for one last time in an emotional moment.

The Closing Ceremony

With five days of fun and three events each day, the Rebels showed what the Olympics are truly about. They truly came together as an army to celebrate sports. However, this was still a competition with results. Team Dominus won the Winter Olympics with a total of 482 points, as calculated by their medals and bonuses. Team Crustulum came in second with 373 points, Team Asinus in third with 230, and Orcus rounding the teams out with 208 points. Despite the busy week, the Rebels produced both amazing maxes and exciting competitions. We hope the Rebels continue this wonderful tradition!

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