Top Ten Armies [01/09/22-01/15/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As the community prepares for the New Year Bonanza battle server later today, the latest Top Ten rankings witness another shake-up in the top three and one army fall dramatically by five positions.

1. Templars [+1] [79.68]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [73.66]

3. Ice Warriors [-2] [68.96]

4. Help Force [+1] [58.32]

5. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [50.58]

6. Water Vikings [+0] [46.80]

7. Silver Empire [+1] [25.33]

8. Fire Warriors [+3] [23.17]

9. Secret Service [+0] [22.50]

10. Night Warriors [NEW] [22.00]

11. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] [19.17]

12. Special Weapons and Tactics [-5] [18.12]

13. Red Ravagers [RETURN] [18.08]

14. Mercenaries [RETURN] [17.98]


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Biographies were compiled by Nicky, Rach, Myth, Monstah, Comedy, Sweater, ActionSpark & Max

Calculations completed by DMT & Max

1. TemplarsThe Templars began their week with an invasion of the Red Ravagers server ‘Ravvy’s Forest’ with a size of 51 penguins. Their next invasion, this time of the server ‘Pancho’s Forest’, saw 46 Templars in attendance. An AUSIA defence from the Ravagers witnessed a peak of 33 soldiers. Their size picked up to 55 with an invasion of ‘Sammi’s Bottlecap’. An AUSIA invasion of ‘Gary’s Hamsterball’ witnessed a 40-penguin peak, while a battle against the Night Warriors witnessed 62 attend.

2. Rebel Penguin FederationThe Rebel Penguin Federation just held their very own Winter Olympics, hosting 17 events. Kicking off with their opening ceremony, a total of 45 rebels attended. A dawn showdown was soon in order, with 26 attendees participating. 39 miners then attended the Mine Cart showdown. The rebels soon held a second Cart Surfer tournament, with another 39 miners in attendance. Making their way to the dance floor, 25 rebels soon showed up for their first dance party, 38 showing up to the second, and 44 to the third. The rebels then held three Pizzatron tournaments, all with 28, 40, and 42 chefs attending respectfully. Soon, the rebels went surfing with a Catching Waves tournaments. Totals of 27, 38, and 35 made sure to hit the waves. The last tournament seen by the rebels was Sled Racing. Within their three different segments, 26, 33, and 39 penguins hit the slopes. To close their week and Olympics, the Rebel Penguin Federation held their closing ceremony, with 39 in attendance.

3. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors began their week with an AUSIA Pirate Takeover, with a maximum size of 41. This was followed by a Race Event for the EU/US divisions, with 51 Warriors present. A ‘The Leader in Training Roast’ event at AUSIA times saw 28 attend, while an EU/US practice battle against the Army of CP witnessed a 24 penguin peak. Next, their AUSIA ‘Default Penguin Takeover’ saw 35 penguins attend, and finally they hosted a practice battle against the Water Vikings with 34 troops.

4. Help ForceHelp Force held a total of 5 events this week, beginning with their Winter Gala to celebrate the army’s Awards with 39 in attendance. Afterwards, 31 Helpers logged on for their AUSIA Operation: Caribbean Beans. For a nice change of pace, 20 Helpers competed in a Sled Racing tournament and shortly after the Help Force played their heart out in Operation: Chaos Choir with 23 singers attending. To round off their week, 31 Helpers attended their Operation: Tidal Waves of Chaos.

5. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had a busy week holding 6 events. They started with a AUSIA “Hidden Gem” event where 14 penguins logged on. After that the clovers maxed 23 where they had a lost treasure event and a battle with Templars. To continue the week, 21 firefighters logged on to their firefighters event. Then the clovers held an AUSIA day in the toy shop event where a max of 15 was present. Then, 20 penguins tried to fend off Ice Warriors in a battle. To finish the week, ACP had a “back to the 2000s” event where 19 penguins went back to the 2000s.

6. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings held 5 events this week. They started off with an EU Invasion which was followed by a fun battle with the Fire Warriors which saw 19 penguins. Next, an AUSIA saw 19 penguins log on for a training event. Another EU event saw the Vikings take over the migrator and a treasure hunt which had 22 troops. Next, an AUSIA battle with Army of Club Penguin took place which saw the Vikings max 20. The ended their week with a battle with the Ice Warriors which saw 21.

7. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire had a total of 3 events this week. They started with a Fishing Trip, maxing 15. Followed by a Hockey Takeover maxing 13. And for their final event, they had a Practice Battle against SWAT maxing 9.

8. Fire WarriorsThe Fire Warriors held 3 free-land invasions this week. To kick off their week, 11 Warriors burnt the map, invading Fireworks. Next, the Fire Warriors claimed Ol’ Missionary Hills, seeing 12 troops in attendance. To conclude their week, the Fire Warriors turned Back O’ Beyond red on the league map, maxing 12.

9. Secret ServiceThe Secret Service held 3 events this week. Kicking it off with an invasion of 76, a max of 10 was recorded. Next, a tournament training event witnessed 11 troops sharpening their tactics and formations. The last event of the week was a cart surfer tournament, with 12 troops fighting it out to come out on top.

10. Night WarriorsThe Night Warriors returned to the community with just a single event this week: a battle against the Templars. They peaked at a size of 18 before logging off due to CP Rewritten connection issues.


We see yet another shake-up among the top three armies this week, with the Templars coming out on top amid their war against the Red Ravagers. The Rebels rank a position higher than last week, while the Ice Warriors claim third. There are two notable absences, with the Bose DK Warriors and Wild Ninjas hosting no events this week after raking last Sunday. The Night Warriors make their first top ten appearance with just one event – their return event – despite it being cut short due to CP Rewritten connection issues. The Special Weapons and Tactics fell considerably, by five positions, after a quiet week that saw just two events.


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