Leaders Review: A Year Without Adobe Flash

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – Just over a year ago, Adobe Flash was shut down, and subsequently many safe havens for armies. How did this affect the community?

Adobe Flash Player was a browser plug-in for Web Browsers, widely used since the early 2000s. It allowed users to view multimedia, streaming audio and video, among other features widely used in that era. Club Penguin was founded on Flash in 2005, and until December 2020, was widely used by many Club Penguin Private Servers to host their own recreations until support was ended. Since then, the Club Penguin community resorted to downloadable clients and HTML clients in order to maintain their nostalgia.

The Final Moments of CPA:TG – The First Army CPPS

Today, we decided to go around armies and ask their leaders about their experiences with the sudden change of gameplay. What do they think? Do they like it better? Is it worse?

Army Leaders were asked the following:

It has already been a year without Flash Club Penguin, and with it the closing of most Private Servers. How did this impact your army?

DrQueen (IW): I think it impacted us for the better and the worst. During that transition, we probably lost some valuable troops because either they didn’t like the layout of the new HTML CPPS (CPR). Maybe they figured this was the time to retire, or they simply preferred that we stayed as a gaming server. Despite that, we spent a lot of time interacting with our troops and trying to get them to join us on the transition to CPR, which took a lot of hard work and dedication from our staff to be where we are today. For the better, it brought our team together because it shows that IW can overcome any odds and obstacles thrown at us. We were able to win a tournament, host very successful IW events and practice battles, obtain some amazing maxes, and make new memories on CPR despite its annoying word filter and mods disconnecting us sometimes :(.

JEMMA! (PIC): The People’s Imperial Confederation existed before and after Flash. With PIC being revived in January of 2021 the whole army landscape was different. We tried out the CP Chapter 2 CPPS but it was too unstable to continue using. Eventually, we had to settle on CP Rewritten because there was no good alternative. With many of the mini-games on CPR being in development or buggy we had to rely more on outside games to keep troops entertained like Roblox or Skribbl.io. It was also harder to keep new troops invested in Club Penguin when CPR was an unfinished game.

Revan (WV): I feel like it was a very difficult time for armies with an uncertainty of whether they’d be even allowed on CP Rewritten and even when they were there was the case of getting people to register for that with armies mainly only using the armies CPPS, so definitely an uncertain and challenging time for everyone.

Snowy (HF): I wouldn’t say we’ve been impacted significantly in any way, other than re-learning some parts of CPR that changed with Flash being gone.

Mare (SWAT): It impacted my army quite a bit just as it did with most of the armies. It was a long transition and we had to figure out ways to make the best out of it. I think it’s something we got use to now though!

Dragon_ (SE): Well I can tell you we miss Flash CP as it gave us more freedom especially for the army with tactics and events, now CPR is a replacement but it is still work in progress and not fully army friendly.

Elexonck (RPF): Like many other armies, we have relied on Club Penguin Rewritten for the past year. This became easier as the developers improved the game and reintroduced more features, but at first it was hard not to miss games and other features we’d been used to on Flash Club Penguin. It’s hard not to miss having a dedicated CP Armies CPPS as existed in the past, as it allowed for more freedom and creativity for in our tactics, uniforms, and event costumes. Now we have to be careful to comply with CP Rewrittens rules and filter, and our uniforms and costumes are limited to what is released in CPR’s catalogues. Though this is closer to an authentic Club Penguin Experience and was what we did before army-only CPPSes were created, we do miss when we could have whatever costume we could think of! However, overall, we’ve adjusted to the move and our event schedule looks pretty close to how it always did.

From this we can tell that while this is closer to an experience like Original Club Penguin, there is no doubt the community misses the freedom they had before. However, as we enter a brand-new year, most armies have now adjusted and are ready to compete for the top spot on the weekly Top Tens.

What do YOU think? Did you like the change? Do you miss Adobe Flash? Let us know in our Discord Server’s main chat!


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