Legends 2021 Press Conference

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Headquarters – As the year 2021 comes to a close, three new legends were recently inducted by the Legend Committee. What are their thoughts on their induction, and what does the status of a Legend mean to them, personally?

On January 4th, 2022, the results for the Legends inductions were announced crowning three exceptional individuals with the status of Legend within the army community. Given the hard work, dedication, and extreme efforts that they have put in their respective armies – Flamez was inducted as CPA Legend, and, Electrumm/Amber and Mare were inducted as S/M Legends. All three of them have proven to be strong leaders of their respective armies and have brought them to victory throughout many battles, making their armies powerful forces to be reckoned with within the army community.

With the new legends being inducted, it makes us wonder and curious to know what their thoughts are regarding their new status. To find out more, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to these three prominent figures for an interview regarding their induction, and what the title of Legend meant to them, personally. While we had the opportunity to have a conversation with Electrumm and Mare, we were unable to get an interview with Flamez, due to some personal issues at their end.

Many thanks to former CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief Caramel for the inspiration behind this post and the questions below.

What was your initial reaction when you found out that you have been inducted as a Legend?

Electrumm: I was super proud and appreciative when I found out. It felt really nice to have my hard work and efforts be recognized here.

Mare: I was literally like doing a face mask and out of nowhere Aaronstone DECIDES TO INTERRUPT me and call me / spam me congratulating me LOL. It feels really cool and I was shocked, I definitely want to thank all of my best friends and everyone in SWAT for always being there and helping me 24/7.

What does being inducted as a Legend mean to you, personally?

Electrumm: Receiving legend to me means that you have made a lasting and undeniable impact on not only your army but the community as well. It’s validation that the time and efforts I put in have been meaningful, and an honor to be recognized as legendary for doing so.

Mare: I always believed that what you achieve in your army is always more important. I think that your army will always know the real you, how much effort you put into your army, and what you actually achieve. For me personally, it means the community noticed the effort I put into my army and I’m extremely grateful for it. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my best friends and SWAT family.

What do you think has personally kept you going in this journey? And, would you like to thank anyone who has helped you and been there for you throughout this journey?

Electrumm: Legend status definitely isn’t something you can do alone without your staff team having your back. With that, I’d like to thank every one of SE, members, and staff (past and present), who assisted in turning SE into the SM powerhouse it is/has always been. Thank you for always supporting me, all of the laughs we’ve shared, trusting in my decisions, and simply letting me be your Commander. I’d also like to thank our allies for always being so kind and helpful; especially our brother allies, the Water Vikings. The people who have really been my rocks throughout my time in this community that I’d like to give special recognition to are (in no specific order so they don’t get huffy lol): Df44 for being the best Co-Leader I could have asked for, Ryandalion for going through so much with me and always helping to keep my motivation up, Dragon for being the army’s rock in July, all of your hard work/dedication, and being one of my best friends; last but not least, Jimmy11 for bringing me into this community, to begin with. Thank you guys for always knowing who I am and keeping my head on straight.

Mare: I care a lot about SWAT and the friendships I’ve created from it. I want it to be the best it can be and what motivates me the most is making the troops and staff happy. I have literally so many people to thank throughout this journey firstly Ganger because he let me have the opportunity to lead SWAT alongside him and learn so many new experiences. I’d also like to thank my amazing Co-leaders and Coolguy since he’s been there with me since the beginning of my journey. I’d also like to thank my amazing best friends, especially these two who have been there for me since the beginning of everything, Aubz, and Graceee. Lastly all of my SWAT family, allies, and Western Bloc – they are the best! There are so many more people I’m grateful for helping me and I’m sure they know who they are.

If you could send one message to everyone in the community right now, what would it be?

Electrumm: All in all, my advice to all of you reading this is to please not let armies consume you. If you know me, I always tell people that real life comes before this penguin game and I will always back that. Some people cling to the drama, the negativity, and it just swallows them whole. Remember to stay true to yourself, know your own character and, don’t let those with nothing better to do with their time, or are way too old to be here, bring you down. This is supposed to be our escape from reality for a bit, a place to just have fun and take your mind off of things; that doesn’t mean you should ever hold this place to a higher regard than your real life. So, stop worrying so much about the numbers and remember to have fun here. Make friends, make memories, share laughs, and help build something amazing.

Mare: I’m a beast at Roblox Bingo.

There is no doubt that all three of them have worked incredibly hard to reach where they are today, and we at Club Penguin Army Headquarters, once again congratulate them. Lastly, thank you to everyone who was involved in this event, which is certainly worth remembering, and let’s see what 2022 has got in store for the army community!


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