Top Ten Armies [12/26/21-01/01/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The first Top Ten of 2022 sees three returning armies, a new number one, and one army drop significantly by seven positions.

1. Templars [+1] [82.67]

2. Ice Warriors [-1] [77.42]

3. Help Force [+1] [64.84]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [58.83]

5. Water Vikings [+1] [46.99]

6. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [42.94]

7. Silver Empire [+3] [41.83]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [36.67]

9. Lime Green Army [+4] [27.83]

10. Wild Ninjas [RETURN] [22.17]

11. Bose DK Warriors [RETURN] [21.37]

12T. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [RETURN] [19.00]

12T. Fire Warriors [+0] [19.00]

14. People’s Imperial Confederation [-7] [17.50]


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Biographies were compiled by TD999, Electrumm, ActionSpark, Comedy, Shallissa, Rach, Nicky, Todoro, Spotty & Max

Calculations completed by DMT

1. TemplarsThe Templars began their week with an invasion of the server Constantinople, alongside a practice battle against the Army of CP. They peaked at 60 penguins. This was succeeded by ‘Invasion & A Birthday’ with another top size of 66. Following on from this, a New Years Celebration & Invasion saw 70 Templars in attendance.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors had a busy week with 7 events. They started with a U-lead maxing 39. Followed by a Rainbow Takeover which saw a total of 31 penguins, a Talent Show which collided with WV’s anniversary maxing 36, Colour Clash event with 36 penguins attending & a BIA Nye Party with RPF maxing 36. They then waved goodbyes to 2021 with 37 warriors online. Their final event was Ignite the Night event with Fire Warriors, which had 55 penguins of their own attending.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force had just the one event this week, where they said goodbye to twenty twenty one with a bang with their New Year’s Party where 48 excited troops logged on to be part of this celebration.

4. Rebel Penguin FederationThe Rebel Penguin Federation held 8 events this week. Kicking the week off as train conductors, a max of 24 was recorded. Next, operation rainbow road witnessed a peak of 24 online. Later, a surfs up competition saw 21 rebels fighting it out for the first place trophy. Afterwards, 32 rebels wore the hoodie for change outfits and waddled around the island. An astronomical event was then held, with troops wearing the star tree topper, an attendance of 22 was seen. The federation then had a dance competition against their allies the Ice Warriors, with 31 troops. To celebrate the end of 2020, 21 soldiers put on their favourite baubles and waddled around. To end of the week, the rebels put on silver bells and all white fits, maxing 27.

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings held a total of 3 events this week. Kicking their week off strong, the Vikings saw 42 troops log on for their 11th Anniversary event. Next, they participated in a Western Bloc Alliance practice battle where they saw 32 troops in attendance. Finally to end their week, the Vikings had a friendly AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 14 respectively.

6. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had a strong 6 events this week. They started off with an AUSIA where they dressed up as elves and 18 elves were seen present. After that 14 nutcrackers were present at the ACPs nutcracker event. To continue the week, they held an AUSIA practice battle with the Bose DK Warriors where 11 clovers were present. Next up was a New Years Party for the ACP where 24 penguins were present. To continue the week, 16 penguins had a costume party. To finish the week, ACP invaded server 50 and then joined the Templars for a raid.

7. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire held 6 events this week. Their first event saw 16 troops log on for some puffle round up. Next, the slivers turned into some Silver Surfers and caught some waves, which saw 14 penguins logged on. The Western Bloc Alliance held a practice battle which saw 31 troops in total. 11 troops then logged on for an unscheduled event dedicated to Df44! Another unscheduled event was hosted on the same day to commemorate Betty White which saw 12 troops. To end their busy week, the Silvers saw 17 troops log on for an event to celebrate the new year!

8. Special Weapons and TacticsSpecial Weapons and Tactics only had 3 festive events this past week. In preparation for their New Year’s bloc party, 22 SWAT Agents logged on to cook some pizzas. After producing enough cakes for the party, 30 Agents partied with their Water Viking and Silver Empire allies after a short practice battle. Concluding their week, 17 Christmas trees were repurposed to kick off the new year and mourn the untimely death of America’s favorite Golden Girl, Betty White.

9. Lime Green ArmyThe Lime Green Army had a quiet week with only two events. They started the week off with an freeland invasion with a max of 14. To finish off the year, they ended with yet another freeland invasion with a total max of 16.

10. Wild NinjasThe Wild Ninjas kicked off the first week of their new generation with a total of 2 events. Their week began with an opening event which saw a max of 11 penguins. WN held a training event to conclude their week, seeing a size of 13 members.


The New Year begins with the Templars taking the first position from the Black Ice armies and achieving a huge score of 82.67. Help Force also returned to the top three despite only having one event this week, causing the Rebel Penguin Federation to drop to fourth place. We also witnesses three returning armies: the Wild Ninjas in 10th, and the Bose DK Warriors and Dua Inn Lipa Fighters achieving close to the top ten positions. The Lime Greens climbed 4 ranks to achieve 9th this week, despite having recently shut down and merged into the Templars. Due to them only hosting one event this week, the People’s Imperial Confederation dropped 7 positions, out of the top ten and into 14th. Will they be able to bounce back next week? 

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