A Holiday Revival: Lime Green Army Announces Merge into Templars

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club Penguin Capital  At the start of 2022, the Lime Green Army announced they would be merging into the Templar. But what were the events that led to this surprise announcement just a week after their revival? 

2022 has seen its first news story, with the Lime Green Army creator Greeny announcing that the army is ceasing operations and merging into the Templars – stating that this merge will help them become a bigger force to take out the Black Ice Alliance.

Lime Green Army announcing their merge into Templars

The Lime Green Army was created in April 2013 and is known for being a legendary small-medium army that participated in many wars and battles against multiple armies of the original community. In April 2019, the Limes were revived by Memmaw and Greeny, and during that time they fought several wars against armies such as the Pretzels. The army was then shut down in December 2019 due to an activity struggle. Two years later, however, the Limes made their return over the 2021 holiday period, hosting map invasions and events and even peaking at 17 members in one particular event.

Recent LGA event

The CP Army HQ team was able to interview Greeny to discover more about the reasons behind the LGA merge so soon after reviving his creation.

Why did you decide to merge LGA into TCP?

Well, we were a colony once I joined the LGA leadership, as I was a TCP 2ic at the time. It made sense, before I rejoined we were maxing 5, and that’s not a diss to the leaders that tried their hardest. I gave them medals for the efforts, but relations is an important part of armies, LGA has been known for our relations strategies. BIA forced us out of this community last generation. I’m too old to spend all day recruiting and building LGA back to where let’s say, TCP is at. I see TCP’s future only getting brighter and our main target now is the BIA

What kind of impact do you think this merge will have on the armies community and especially on LGA?

Too be honest I don’t know. This community’s health doesn’t seem the greatest as it is. I mean, no one really is on TCP’s level right now. They just wiped the floor with ACP who used to be a powerhouse. Now it’s BIA’s turn. Honestly, I think armies should join us. BIA bullied S/M armies last year, now it’s time they get theirs
On LGA we’re motivated to be involved in going after BIA

Will LGA be coming back as a sole army in the future?

That’s a possibility. It depends on timing, honestly

Before we conclude, is there anything you would like to say or maybe an advice for the readers?

Well as for advice, honestly just do what makes you happy in life. Now as for message, this is for BIA. WHERE YOU AT? TCP WANTS ALL THE SMOKE, COME GET IT.

It appears that this merge is just the beginning of their larger plans, as the Limes are eager to take on the Black Ice Alliance. But how will the war come about with the Templars and Black Ice armies operating on different maps? 

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