Top Ten Armies of The Year: 2021 in Statistics

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As 2021 draws to a close, the CP Army HQ team are excited to present the Top Ten Armies of the Year, and an in-depth look at the statistics behind the last 365 days.

2021 has certainly been a crazy year. We began with a united community under the CP Army Hub, with armies trying to navigate the closure of flash Club Penguin and the switch to a HTML5 based client. However, scandal and drama in mid-January ultimately led to the Army Hub’s closure and the creation of a new organisation, positioned solely as media at the time: the CP Army Headquarters.

Despite the many changes we have witnessed this year, the Top Ten has remained a constant. The first week of January saw a ‘Weekly Recap’ composed by the CP Army Hub administration, with the platform switches warranting a break in the weekly Top Ten. The Shamrock Bulletin, created by two former CP Army Hub administrators, hosted the first two Top Tens of the year in late January, with the CP Army HQ’s version beginning on February 13th. For the calculations and statistics below, we have only used Top Tens that have been produced by the CP Army HQ team.

On May 3rd, 2021, Director-in-Chief DMT announced a universal formula change was to be made. This was to combat confusion over maximum size counts and the armies that were counting their peak sizes from multiple rooms. Alongside this, alterations were made to the event quality category, with ‘mixed classification battles’ scoring less than battles taking place between armies of the same classification. The changes that were implemented were well received by the community and made for a more accurate scoring system. Just recently, on December 27th, a further change was made to the event quality, with small-medium armies now receiving a maximum 4 points when battling a major army.

I would like to extend my thanks to reporter AgentFrog1 for providing the calculations, graphics, and statistics for this project, as well as the administration team for their support. Without further ado, I present to you the Top Ten Armies of 2021, and the statistics that made the year.

Top Ten Armies of 2021

1. Ice Warriors [881]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [880]

3. Help Force [809]

4. Army of Club Penguin [777]

5. Templars [745]

6. Water Vikings [674]

7. Silver Empire [634]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [515]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [504]

10. Red Ravagers [408]

11. Fire Warriors [302]

12. Golden Troops [172]

13. Trojans [143]

14. Wet Army Penguins [133]

15. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [132]

Click HERE to view the calculations.

Top 10 Scores of 2021 (only Top 10 Armies of 2021 included)
The dotted line represents the formula change in May
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Top 10 Scores of 2021 (all armies included)
The dotted line represents the formula change in May
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2021 in Statistics

Top 10 Scores of The Year

1. Rebel Penguin Federation with 94.95 • #1 of 05/02/2021 – 05/08/2021

2. Ice Warriors with 93.43 • #1 of 03/21/2021 – 03/27/2021

3. Rebel Penguin Federation with 93.02 • #1 of 05/23/2021 – 05/29/2021

4. Ice Warriors with 92.17 • #1 of 05/30/2021 – 06/05/2021

5. Help Force with 91.06 • #2 of 05/30/2021 – 06/05/2021

6. Ice Warriors with 90.77 • #1 of 03/28/2021 – 04/03/2021

7. Rebel Penguin Federation with 90.08 • #2 of 03/21/2021 – 03/27/2021

8. Ice Warriors with 89.76 • #1 of 02/08/2021 – 02/13/2021

9. Army of Club Penguin with 89.5 • #1 of 04/11/2021 – 04/17/2021

10. Rebel Penguin Federation with 89.39 • #3 of 05/30/2021 – 06/05/2021

Longest Streak at #1

The army that spent the longest time at the #1 spot was the Ice Warriors, who spent 8 weeks at the top of the table. Starting with the first CPAHQ Top Ten of 2021, they held the top spot until March 27th.

Most Weeks at #1

Featured in the top spot the most times throughout the year were the Rebel Penguin Federation. Throughout 2021, they topped the table in 19 of the 46 weeks with a Top Ten this year.

Number of Appearances in Top 10

Largest Score Range

The Army of Club Penguin was the army with the largest gap between their highest and lowest scores, with a range of 60.46. Their highest score was 89.5 in April and their lowest score was 29.04 in November.

The second longest score range went to Help Force with 57. Their highest score was 91.06 in June and their lowest was November’s 34.06.

The third largest gap between top and bottom score was Special Weapons and Tactics‘s 38.14. 51.64 was their highest score, achieved in July, and their lowest score was 13.5, which they scored in November.

Armies With Appearances in Every Top Ten

That concludes the Top Ten Armies of 2021, and the statistics that have made our year as intense, dramatic, and interesting as ever. While many are quick to downplay the events and successes of this year, we still have much to be proud of and even more to be excited for in 2022 and beyond. Let us hope our community can mend the fractures that have formed over the course of 2021 and allow us to stand united once more.

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