Top Ten Armies [12/19/21-12/25/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – What will the rankings show in the final Top Ten of 2021?

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [67.43]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [59.20]

3. Templars [-1] [59.06]

4. Help Force [+1] [56.41]

5. Army of Club Penguin [+2] [45.66]

6. Water Vikings [-2] [39.76]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+3] [39.50]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [29.00]

9. Trojans [+0] [18.50]

10. Silver Empire [-4] [18.00]

11. Wet Army Penguins [RETURN] [16.50]

12. Fire Warriors [+3] [14.50]

13. Lime Green Army [+0] [12.00]


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Biographies were compiled by Sweater, Shallissa, ActionSpark, Nicky, Spotty, Rach & Max

Calculations completed by DMT & Sidie9

1. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held 7 events this week. Kicking the week off with a relaxing event on the beach, a max of 33 was recorded. Next, a promotion party witnessed a peak of 38 troops. Later, an invasion of shoreline saw 23 Warriors logged on to claim the land. Afterwards, an invasion of temperate frost was held with an attendance of 30. A BIA Christmas party was later held, with 33 Ice Warriors showing up to enjoy the festivities. Continuing with the holiday spirit, a Christmas costume party witnessed 38 troops in their best outfits. Finally, to end the week off, 39 troops participated in a Christmas treasure hunt.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 7 events this week, starting with Operation: Legend of Zelda with a size of 26. On Tuesday, the Rebels celebrated the build up to Christmas with Operation: Searching for Santa, with 26 troops logging onto help. Later that day Operation: Timbre had a max of 30. Operation: A BIA Christmas saw 29 excited members log onto celebrate the festive season. Once again, Thursday had two events, the first being Operation: Calendar Chaos with 24 in attendance and Operation: Ornament Orchestra with 26 beautiful ornaments waddling around the island. They finished their week with Operation: Caroling Whobilation where 28 penguins participated in the last festive event before Christmas.

3. Templars: The Templars began their week with a maximum size of 42 while invading Server 77 on the CP Army HQ map. This was followed by a battle against the Army of CP, with peak size of 45. A second ACP battle/Christmas Celebration several days later saw 45 Templars attend. Finally, an AUSIA Christmas Celebration and battle against the Help Force witnessed a peak of 13 penguins.

4. Help Force: The Help Force had a fun-filled festive week with four events. Starting off, 22 Helpers logged on for a Christmas Soirée. Following this, they held a Tree Takeover that saw 34 Trees in attendance. Afterwards, the Helpers turned on their singing voices and went carolling with 31 showing up. To end, 26 Helpers logged on for a Yule Ball themed event.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a strong 5 events this week. They started with a max of 15 against Trojans. After that 26 clovers logged on to face the Templars. Continuing the week, ACP had an AUSIA practice battle with the Help Force. After that 24 penguins logged on to fight the Templars in a battle. And to finish their week, ACP had a branch battle where they maxed 22.

6. Water Vikings:The Water Vikings only held 3 events this week. Their week of festivity began with an AUSIA Train Ride event which saw a max of 17 members in attendance. Next, the Vikings hosted a battle training which witnessed a size of 22 penguins. To end their holiday week, 18 troops successfully logged on for their Reindeer Puffle Takeover.

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: With the holidays right around the corner, the People’s Imperial Confederation only held a total of four events. To start, they absolutely shattered their size record and witnessed 40 people attend LEGOMAN’s retirement! Following a Declaration of War on Trojans, we saw the Confederates reach 10 at their Nutcracker March to prepare. Another training event saw 11 show up this time, before finally taking on the Trojans with a total of 15.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: Due to the upcoming holidays, the Special Weapons And Tactics only held two events this week. Firstly, 17 Agents dressed up in their best Christmas gear to celebrate and secondly they held an unscheduled Holiday Training event that saw 25 show up.

9. Trojans: The Trojans week began with a Defence of the server Athens, and a peak size of 8 penguins. This was followed by a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin, with max-size of 9.

10. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held 2 events this week. To start, 11 troops logged on for an EU Christmas tree takeover. Next, they held another EU event which was a nutcracker takeover that saw 10.

The final week of the year sees just 13 armies hosting events in the community, down significantly from the beginning of 2021. The Ice Warriors take the crown again this week, with the Rebel Penguin Federation and Templars close behind. The Army of CP and People’s Imperial Confederation have made major increases, by 2 and 3 respectively. The Silver Empire and Water Vikings, however, have dropped by 2 and 4 positions each. The Wet Army Penguins make their final appearance at 11th. As the community looks towards the End of Year plans @ CPAHQ, we are excited to be presenting the Top Ten Armies of the Year this week.

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