New Reign Over The Ravagers: Yeti Joins Red Ravagers Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Red Ravagers have a new face taking to the reins. Yeti was promoted to the rank of Red Commander just yesterday. Who exactly is Yeti? What great things can the Ravagers and the community expect from him?

Late last night, an announcement was posted in the Red Ravagers server announcing the arrival of a new Red Commander for the army. Red Commander BoMoBuddy awarded the leadership position to Yeti for his continued support for the army, claiming that the army would have been long gone without his assistance.

Commander BoMoBuddy announces Yeti’s promotion

Yeti began his army career by joining the Army of Club Penguin, working his way up to the position of Third-in-Command. Not long after retiring from the Clovers, Yeti moved on to join the Doritos of Club Penguin, achieving the rank of Second-in-Command fairly quickly. After the Doritos shut their doors, Yeti moved on to advise the Eclipse of Club Penguin becoming an Eclipse leader only two weeks later. Yeti then departed from Eclipse in September due to differences between leadership styles, leading him to join Red Ravagers on the 23rd of the same month. After months of hard work Yeti has finally recieved his rewards in the form of Red Commander.

The Red Ravagers were founded on May 24th, 2020 by happy_phantxm/Max and Honda. Max and Honda met in Dark Bandits but moved on from the army after its shutdown and gathered ex-Bandit staff and Higher Command to start a new army which they dubbed the Red Ravagers! Through many ups and downs, leadership changes, closures and revivals, the army has survived to this day and consistently achieves respectable max sizes, and achieves consistent rankings on the weekly Top Tens.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Yeti/Alssius, for a short interview and to have deeper look into his thoughts and feelings towards his new standings in the Red Ravager’s hierarchy.

What are your plans for RR, now that you’re officially part of the leadership?

I wanna rebuild the army with the same project I was working on since a few weeks ago.

Which of your achievements, do you believe, got you this position?

Experience and willing to come up with a plan to rework the army and hopefully get it to better sizes.

The first half of your army career took place in major armies; in your opinion, how do S/M armies and their staff operate differently from major armies?

It took me a while to get used to S/M since they have little to no staff and there’s a big workload for everyone.

This is not your first time leading an army, what words of advice can you give to people who are new to leadership positions?


5.) Are there any other words of wisdom that you can pass on to the CPA community as a whole?

Quiero estar ebrio en Einstein

Clearly Yeti has strong feelings towards his ascension to the Ravager’s throne, not all of them being completely positive. No doubt Yeti will make sure to give it his best for his army, and maybe even bring about a brand new golden age to the Red Ravagers. One thing is for sure though, the Ravagers are in for quite a ride, under their new kingpin!

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