Top Ten Armies [12/12/21-12/18/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With just one army maintaining their position from last week, the final Top Ten before Christmas witnesses some surprise major changes.

1. Ice Warriors [+2] [72.50]

2. Templars [+0] [69.62]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [68.31]

4. Water Vikings [+1] [41.83]

5. Help Force [-1] [41.38]

6. Silver Empire [+2] [39.37]

7. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [33.86]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+2] [27.86]

9. Trojans [+5] [23.67]

10. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] [19.00]

11. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+4] [18.50]

12. Dark Vikings [-3] [14.00]

13T. Red Ravagers [-2] [11.50]

13T. Lime Green Army [NEW!] [11.50]

15. Fire Warriors [-3] [10.50]


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Biographies were compiled by Actionspark, Sweater, TD999, Disha, Shallissa, Comedy, Rach, Nicky, Spotty & Max

Calculations completed by Spotty, Sidie9 & Max

1. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors had a great week performance-wise! Starting off, they beat the Templars in the Christmas Chaos semifinals with 76 in attendance! Afterwards, 27 Ornaments helped decorate a Christmas tree! The following day saw 19 Warriors compete in a practice battle with Water Vikings. After a break, they trained for their upcoming grand finals with 31 Warriors. To end their week, they saw sizes of 67 in the Christmas Chaos grand finals against Rebel Penguin Federation.

2. TemplarsThe Templars week started with their Christmas Chaos XI semi-final battle against the Ice Warriors, in which they peaked at 60 penguins but narrowly lost out on a victory. They followed this with an invasion of the server Paris on December 14th, with size of 37 people present. Next, an invasion of Edessa took place, which also included a skirmish with the Army of CP. 41 penguins were noted as the maximum size here. Their AUSIA invasion on Friday saw them reach 20 penguins, while an invasion of Server 51 witnessed 37 Templars in attendance.

3. Rebel Penguin FederationRebel Penguin Federation had a total of 8 events this week. They started their week with Operation: Snowflakes with 32 penguins logging on. On Tuesday 31 attended Operation: Sugar Rush with 27 at Operation: The Nutcracker. 33 Rebels dressed up as gingerbread men in Operation: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles. Thursday saw 21 jolly troops log on for Operation: Holiday Luau and a size of 32 at Operation: Hippity Hoppity. This was followed by a max of 26 for Operation: Glacier Glory. The Rebel Penguin Federation finished their week by winning the Christmas Chaos XI. This saw 70 Rebels in attendance helping to claim their second tournament win in a row.

4. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had a total of 4 events this week. They started off with a scavenger hunt AUSIA where they maxed 21. Next, the Water Vikings clashed with the Ice Warriors in their Elves vs Santas battle where 17 Vikings logged on to battle. Next, Water Vikings saw a max of 13 at an AUSIA fashion show. To finish the week, Water Vikings had a hide and seek AUSIA where 19 penguins played hide and seek.

5. Help ForceThe Help Force has had a total of 4 events this week. They started their week with the ‘Biggest Nap Segment’, for which 23 penguins logged on wearing their cozy pajamas, and night suits, all ready to nap and join in the fun. Following this, they had a treasure hunt that had 20 reindeer log on to help Santa to find the gifts that were lost. Their next event was full of sparkles and lights, which saw an attendance of 22 dazzling people. They ended their week with a practice battle with their allies, that had 20 troops log on from their side.

6. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire had a total of 5 events this week. Starting with Amber’s Retirement, which saw a max of 31. Followed by an Astro Barrier Tournament maxing 11, Gingerbread Takeover maxing 13 & a Murder Mystery event maxing 10. They ended their week with a Winter Ball which had 27 penguins attending.

7. Army of CPWith Christmas approaching, The Army of Club Penguin hosted a total of 5 events this week. Their busy week began with a free land invasion of “Zeus’s Phoques” where 14 members attended. Next, ACP rallied 10 members online for the AUSIA “Clovers Covered in Cloth” event, followed by a second AUSIA “Sleep Zone” event which achieved a max of 14 sleepy Clovers. Later in the week, 13 members attended a successful free land invasion of Server 96, followed by a quick raid battle with the Templars. Their week concluded with a Vengeance Alliance practice battle with a max size of 8 troops.

8. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics had 3 events this week, their first event was a Mining Event that saw 14 troops. Next, 9 logged on for an ornament theme event. 19 troops showed up for an unscheduled event to end the week off.

9. TrojansThe trojans held 3 events this week. Kicking it off with a Practice Battle against the Dark Vikings, they witnessed a max of 13. Next, a war training saw them peaking at 8 online. The last event of the week was a sled racing event with 10 attendees.

10. People’s Imperial ConfederationThe People’s Imperial Confederation had 3 events this week. Their first event was an unscheduled training event which had 9 troops in attendance. Next, 9 minions went absolutely bananas trying to steal the moon. Whether they were successful remains to be seen. To finish off their week, 6 troops logged on for a practice battle amongst the Vengeance Alliance, Help Force and Army of CP.

This past week has certainly been an interesting one, with the finals of the Christmas Chaos XI tournament and conclusion of the most recent Templar and Silver Empire war. This has reflected in the Top Ten listings too, with the Templars being the only army to maintain their position from the previous week. The Rebels have dropped 2 spots despite winning the Christmas Chaos, and the Ice Warriors have risen to claim the top spot instead. The Water Vikings have had their best week for some time, claiming the fourth position over the Help Force.

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