Top Ten Armies [12/5/21-12/11/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the countdown to Christmas well underway, we present to you the latest Top Ten rankings with yet another reshuffling among the top three.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] [65.99]

2. Templars [-1] [63.50]

3. Ice Warriors [-1] [59.70]

4. Help Force [+0] [57.63]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [39.22]

6. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [38.96]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+3] [28.87]

8. Silver Empire [-1] [27.49]

9. Dark Vikings [+3] [18.37]

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [18.17]

11. Red Ravagers [+2] [16.00]

12. Fire Warriors [-1] [15.00]

13. Bose DK Warriors [RETURN] [13.50]

14. Trojans [-6] [12.50]

15. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [RETURN] [12.00]


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Biographies were compiled by Disha, Monstah, Max, Spotty, Electrum, Nicky, Rach, Todoro, Sweater

Calculations completed by Sidie9

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a massive amount of events this week; totalling 8! They started their week by beating SWAT in the Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals, totalling 39 Rebels. After a break day, 25 people dressed up in their favourite sweaters for Operation: Sweater Weather. Following that, 29 Rebels practice-battled the Ice Warriors in Operation: Brotherly Love. The next day, Operation: Fish Looka Gouda witnessed a total of 22 people, and one hilarious cheese pun. Their AUSIA division logged on for Operation: Flash MOAB and saw 20 Rebels in attendance. Afterwards, 30 Minions logged on for Operation: Minion Rush! After a little break, the Rebels logged on for Operation: Reindeer Games and 25 Rebels ensured that Rudolph would not be joining them. To round off their week, 57 Rebels defeated the Help Force in the Semi-Finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament.

2. TemplarsThe Templars week began with an Invasion of Cat Island against the Silver Empire – a size of 40 penguins was noted. This was followed by a second invasion of the Silver Empire, their server 999 Wrld. 38 Templars were present. Finally, they hosted a joint invasion of Zero Grau & CCXI Training event with a peak size of 41.

3. Ice WarriorsIce Warriors had a busy week, holding 6 events. To start, they held a “Christmas Takeover” that witnessed 38 Warriors dress up as trees. That same day, they played Hide and Seek with another 38 in attendance. Next, 21 Warriors battled the Rebel Penguin Federation followed by a U-Lead that witnessed 21 future-leaders showcase their abilities! The following day saw 29 Warriors train for the upcoming Christmas Chaos Round Two. The Ice Warriors ended their week with a Pizzatron Competition that saw 33 Chefs attend.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force held 3 events this week. First they took part in the Quarter-Finals of Christmas Chaos XI against Water Vikings where they saw 35 troops logged on. Next, the Helpers saw 28 minions logged on for a Minions theme event. To finish off the week they had 43 troops for the Semi Finals against Rebel Penguin Federation.

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had a quiet week with only 3 events. They started the week with a Christmas Chaos battle vs the Help Force where 24 Vikings failed to move on to the semifinals. To continue their week, the Water Vikings hosted an AUSIA “Sleepy Viking Takeover” where 17 sleepy penguins logged on and then had a Find Four Tournament. To end the week, Water Vikings maxed 26 dressed as elves in their Elf Takeover event.

6. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin has had a total of 5 events this week. They started off their week with “Operation: Winter Fashion Spree” which had 18 troops attend with their warm clothes on for a fashion spree. The next two events that they had were invasions of free-land, (64 and 66), wherein the invasion of 64 saw a max of 16 people logging on and the invasion of 66 had a total of 19 troops attending. On Friday, the army took a trip back to the ice age, in a mission to rescue penguins, which had 14 attendees. The clovers finished their week with a practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation and had a total of 13 troops logging on from their side.

7. People’s Imperial ConfederationThe People’s Imperial Confederation had a total of 4 events for the week. Kicking the week off they held a sweater takeover by keeping warm with a max of 15. Next, they had yet another takeover event dressing up as trees maxing 11. Then, they held an AUSIA unscheduled training event with a max of 10. To finish off the week, they held a [US] Practice Battle against ACP with a max total of 9.

8. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had just three events this week, starting with Dancing Our Silver Socks Off With 10 in attendance. Next, they had Did we ever find four, with another 10 troops logging on. They ended their week with Silvers become scavengers with a max of 16.

9. Dark VikingsThe Dark Vikings began their week by hosting a Training event with peak size of 10 Vikings. This was followed by an AUSIA division training session, maxing 5. Finally, another training event saw they reach a high of 6 penguins.

10.Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons And Tactics had a quieter week this week, holding only 3 events. The first was a standard training event that witnessed 5 in attendance. Following this, they logged on to battle the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Christmas Chaos XI hitting a maximum of 10. To finish their week, SWAT held a training event that claimed a size of 10.

The rankings this week prove that yet again the top three is anyone’s game, with a reshuffling between the Rebel Penguins, Templars and Ice Warriors. This week, it was the Rebels that emerged triumph, moving up two positions from the previous week and 2.5 points clear of the Templars. The Templars take their position in second thanks to the 4-point map bonus and their current war against the Silver Empire. Interestingly, the armies in positions 4th-6th remain the same, continuing the trend that we have seen in recent weeks.

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