CPAN Christmas Chaos XI Predictions: Round 1

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters- As we approach the end of the year, the annual Christmas Chaos falls under the tree. With the first battle taking place in mere hours, who do we expect to win?

The eleventh annual Christmas Chaos begins today, with a total of nine armies participating this year. Over the next three weeks the community will be witnessing these armies go all out in order to win the coveted trophy for this year, with majority of these armies competing in Christmas Chaos X last year. The question is, which army does Club Penguin Army Network predict will move onto the next round?

Special Weapons and Tactics vs Red Ravagers

This battle serves as a qualifier round, with the winner moving on to face the Rebel Penguin Federation on Saturday. In the latest Top Ten, the Special Weapons and Tactics were unable to secure a place while the Red Ravagers achieved 11th place. Last year neither army were able to make it past Round 1. Will things be different for them this time?

SWAT – Recent Event

F6Sixer, Co-Founder Special Weapons and Tactics  (1-0-2)
Iceyfeet1234, Co-Founder – Special Weapons and Tactics (2-1)
Aaronstone, Board MemberSpecial Weapons and Tactics (2-1)
Ayan, Board MemberSpecial Weapons and Tactics (3-0)
Electrumm, Board MemberSpecial Weapons and Tactics (2-0-1)
Cracked, EditorSpecial Weapons and Tactics (2-0-1)
Dman64w, Editor Special Weapons and Tactics (2-0-1)

Ice Warriors vs Silver Empire

The first battle of the weekend takes place between the Ice Warriors and the Silver Empire. In the latest Top Ten, the Warriors were able to secure 2nd place while the Silvers achieved 8th. Last year, the Ice Warriors narrowly missed their opportunity to win the grand final, while the Silver Empire lost to the Rebel Penguin Federation during Round 2. Could there be a difference emerging from this battle?

IW – Recent Event

F6Sixer, Co-Founder Ice Warriors  (3-0)
Iceyfeet1234, Co-Founder Ice Warriors (3-0)
Aaronstone, Board MemberIce Warriors (3-0)
Ayan, Board MemberIce Warriors (3-0)
Electrumm, Board MemberIce Warriors (3-0)
Cracked, Editor Ice Warriors (3-0)
, EditorIce Warriors (3-0)

Templars vs People’s Imperial Confederation

The third battle of this round is between Templars and the People’s Imperial Confederation. In the latest Top Ten, the Templars secured 1st place while the People’s Imperial Confederation placed 7th. Neither army took part in Christmas Chaos X last year, so it will be interesting to see which of the two work their way through the battlefield.

TCP vs WV – Recent War Battle

F6Sixer, Co-Founder Templars  (3-0)
Iceyfeet1234, Co-Founder Templars (2-1)
Aaronstone, Board MemberTemplars (3-0)
Ayan, Board MemberTemplars (2-0-1)
Electrumm, Board MemberTemplars (3-0)
Cracked, Editor Templars (3-0)
, EditorTemplars (2-0-1)

Help Force vs Water Vikings

The final battle of the first round is between Help Force and Water Vikings. In the latest Top Ten, we saw the Help Force reach 6th place while Water Vikings secured 4th. Last year the Helpers were unable to make it past the Semi-Finals, while the Water Vikings lost against the former in Round 2. Could the Vikings achieve revenge this year?

WV vs HF – CCX

F6Sixer, Co-Founder Help Force  (3-0)
Aaronstone, Board MemberHelp Force (1-0-2)
Ayan, Board MemberHelp Force (3-0)
Electrumm, Board MemberHelp Force (2-0-1)
Cracked, Editor Help Force (3-0)
, EditorHelp Force (2-0-1)

Note: All ties listed above are W/L/D

That is all the predictions from the Club Penguin Army Network staff for this first round, starting with the qualifier on Thursday at 5pm EST (click here for more times!). This tournament will be hosted in a separate Christmas Chaos XI Server, judged by a separate judging panel. All that’s left, is to wish a very good luck to all participating armies!

What do YOU think? Which army will face off against Rebel Penguin Federation this weekend? Do you think there will be a different set of finalists this year? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord Server!

Da Best

CP Army Network Reporter


CP Army Network Editor

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