That Time When Club Penguin Army Hub Closed Down

Every few months comes a story that shocks the entire community. Maybe your second-favourite army was caught multi-logging for the twenty-fifth time this week or maybe that leader you always thought was pleasant turned out to be pretty horrific. Moments like these are always interesting to reflect on, and that’s precisely why this week we will be discussing That Time When Club Penguin Army Hub Closed Down.

Please note that this post contains information made available to the public by the ProSect organization as well as witness accounts. As ProSect is the only “credible” source, there may be misinformation – this was not intentional and will be fixed if somebody can verify. Enjoy.

After Club Penguin and Club Penguin Army Central‘s closure, the army community has struggled to keep order. Every so often, various “leagues” will appear to attempt to govern armies and their wars. For example, you are currently reading this post on Club Penguin Army Headquarters – the leading news site and league since January of 2021.

The most notable and successful league is typically considered to be Club Penguin Army Hub, a merger between the leagues that came before: Club Penguin Army Media and Club Penguin Army League – something the community hadn’t really seen previously. With the circumstances surrounding its creation, Club Penguin Army Hub was the first time armies were completely unified, under one body, since the end of Club Penguin Army Central’s eight year reign.

Club Penguin Army Hub’s Logo

The Club Penguin Army Hub was created in June, 2020. As mentioned previously, it was a merger between two previous leagues and the formation was spearheaded by individuals such as Ayan, LuciferStar32opEdenFlen, Koloway, EmceeMehakPookie and more. During its time, the league witnessed many different community events. Club Penguin Army Hub witnessed the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, one of the most controversial army alliances in modern day. It also witnessed the fall of the New Dawn Alliance, multiple wars such as the Doritos vs. Black Ice Alliance, Water Vikings vs. SWAT, and has more multi-logging posts than any other league post-2017. It was very successful.

The fall of Club Penguin Army Hub began just after Flash died. The events that followed in January of 2021 remain somewhat mysterious, though from the community’s point of view it appeared that several controversial figures were unbanned. These individuals (that I will not be naming) have had ties to incidents that involve doxing in the past, and nobody knew why they were unbanned and allowed to roam rampant within the server. After less than a day had passed by, different armies grew concerned for the safety of their troops with these people seemingly being allowed in. To attempt to counter, many armies had begun setting up verification systems in their Discords to prevent these potentially-dangerous individuals from joining their servers.

After a couple more hours, it was rumored that people were being doxed. Doxing is the practice of leaking other people’s personal information, including but not limited to: full name, address, phone number, IP address and more. As such, many armies felt that Club Penguin Army Hub could no longer protect them and began pulling themselves from the league. Fire Warriors were the first to go, after experiencing attacks of their own. Eventually, armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Water Vikings and more had left. By the end of it all, only the Crimson Guardians and Cries Cult were left. Despite only two armies remaining, Club Penguin Army Hub had not been pronounced dead and a planned continuation was in the works. Under DMT and another administrator, the goal was for CPAH to function solely as a news site. However, due to the server being defaced and over 4,000 members being kicked, this did not happen. After this, it was done. The community was now league-less until the formation of Club Penguin Army Headquarters.

Interestingly, in May of 2021, the domain was brought back and the website underwent a redesign. There was going to be a revival under Koloway and Eden and the league promised some exciting things such as the World Map and Legends Cup XI tournaments.

Excerpt of the revival announcement

Unfortunately, this didn’t end up happening as Club Penguin Army Network opened around the same time and their league promised those same features. Koloway then retired, and all plans were cancelled and still are to this day.

So, a league that did the impossible in unifying the community had met their demise in a rather unfortunate way. Club Penguin Army Hub revolutionized the way we think about leagues and set the bar for quality news higher than we could ever have anticipated. Their influence still lives on in every post, every war, every tournament and in so much more.

For now, I pass the question on to you. What was your thoughts on Club Penguin Army Hub? What do you think about their closure and attempted revivals? Feel free to share all of your opinions regarding this piece in the main server! Thanks for reading.



omg! cpah was an inside job!




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