The Flame Relights: Fire Warriors Announce Revival

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Recently, the Fire Warriors have announced their revival. What led to this revival? What can we expect from this generation?

After closing down at the end of August 2021 – the Fire Warriors have decided to come back to the army community, once again. On November 20, 2021, the Fire Warriors officially announced their revival, and have scheduled their revival event for the 4th of December. The revival was announced in the form of an event ping and an official post on their website, titled “all eyes on us.


Fire Warriors announce their revival.

Fire Warriors were created in late August 2007 by WWe09 and since then they have been through many generations and rebrands but have definitely made a mark in the S/M community. Besides the founding generation, their most noteworthy generations include the Roman Fire Warriors in 2009, and the Ninjas, in 2011, led by Pringle64 and Pochoma123. In July 2020, the army was revived under the name of “Fire Warriors” by Sweater and was led by him, Sammixfastx and Sophy Bee, but shut down in late August, due to internal issues in the leadership. In late November 2020, a new generation of Fire Warriors emerged, when Skateboarders decided to shut down and rebrand to Fire Warriors. This generation was originally led by Otter and Ram Em but soon after, in mid-January of 2021, the army shut down due to Club Penguin Rewritten temporarily closing with the death of Flash.

Fire Warriors in 2007

Just a week after the last shutdown in mid-January of 2021, Sweater decided to revive Fire Warriors once again. Under the leadership of him, AustinFraudKaosOt_terSimmonds2000, and Haley, the army was once again revived on the 6th of February, 2021. Their last generation can be considered to be their best as of yet, as they not only participated in March Madness and Legends Cup XI but won Challengers Cup II. For their upcoming generation, their opening event is scheduled to take place on the 4th of December, 2021.

Fire Warriors against PIC in Challengers Cup 2 Finals

CPAHQ has reached out to Sweater, one of the Fire Warriors leaders to find out more about why he decided to revive the army once again.

What made you decide to revive Fire Warriors?

I didn’t like how we went out. I wanted to un-do the bad and re-do the good, and with so many of our Staff supporting us, it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

What do you have in mind for the future of Fire Warriors?

We are going to win.

What are your plans for this generation of Fire Warriors, if you don’t mind sharing?

My personal goal is to beat every known army at least once.

Given that you have been in the army community for quite some time, what are some of the learning experiences you have had, that you would like to incorporate within the army for this generation?

I have learned time and time again that comfort is a weakness. You should never be comfortable with where you are.

Where do you see the army going in a year’s time from now?

Either dead again or #1.

Before we conclude, would you like to say anything else, or give any advice to the readers in general?

Our staff applications are still open! If you want to be part of the next #1 army, definitely apply.

With the revival of one of the oldest armies in the community, it will definitely be interesting to see what the new generation of the army has got in store for the community. From the conversation with Sweater, it seems that Fire Warriors have their goals set in mind for the future and are ready to re-enter the army community, with a bang. We wish them good luck on their revival and all their future endeavors.


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