Dua Inn Lipa Fighters Conquer the Meme Army Community.

KLONDIKE, CPAHQ- A few months back, the Dua Inn Lipa Fighters decided to enter the army community. What’s the reason behind it and what can we expect to see from them in the future? Read on more to find out.

The Dua Inn Lipa Fighters were created on July 28th, 2021 as a meme army for friends to have a fun get-together. The idea came from Mighty the former leader of Golden Troops, who gave Mare access to the Dua Lipa server. After the server had been deleted, she decided to fight back. This is when the Dua Lipa Inn Fighters meme army was created.

DILF’s opening event is on July 28th, 2021.

Mare also noted that the army includes mostly her friends, having created it to have a fun getaway from the army community. Despite having fun, they have also achieved getting in 7th in Top Ten. Since their creation, they have also reached the size of 30 in two of their events.

A DILF Event Where They Maxed 30.


CPAHQ was able to reach out to Mare, the creator of DILF on her thoughts of the meme army.

Does DILF plan to stay as a meme army, or will we see it become an actual army one day?

We do not plan on becoming an actual army, I enjoy the atmosphere of us all getting together for fun. It’s a nice break from all the crazy stuff happening in the community sometimes.

If it wasn’t a meme army what would you have done differently?

Ummm I’m not too sure I never really thought too deep about that. Possibly have more events!

Do you have any favorite memories within the army?

Yes on my birthday my friends made a Dua Lipa account and surprised me by pretending to be her in VC. We ended up having a whole event dedicated to her VC Leading it!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

DILF is hotter than hell periodt poo thank u to all the DILF Supporters, staff, friends, and of course DILF leaders because we wouldn’t be where we are today without them all uwu.
It seems like DILF will most likely stay as a meme army and continue being a hangout for friends to be together. Will we see more of Dua Lupa Inn Fighters in the future? Only time will tell what the future holds for the army.

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