Breaking News: Silver Empire and Templar War Ends | The War Terms Backfire?

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – In under 24 hours, the beginning of the Templars and Silver Empire war was meant to begin. In a rather surprising turn of events, though, the Silver Empire have transferred all of their land to Water Vikings. What’s next for the war? How will Templars react?

On November 14th, the Templars issued a declaration of war on Silver Empire. Despite no official reasoning, the war was set to begin ten days after, when invasions on enemy armies became legal. An interesting combination of terms in the Templars’ list of terms, though, has proven to have contained a loophole. You can view the official terms here.

The particular terms in question can also be read below.

4) No server transfers, all servers for both sides are LOCKED

10) Any breaking of any of the above terms will result in the automatic forfeit and the loss of 75% of the opposing army’s nation.

To place these terms into a hypothetical scenario that the average player can understand, if the army X attempted to transfer their land, they would forfeit the war (ending it) and only lose 75% of their land, not the full 100%. In this scenario, it would also open the doors for another army to invade army Z.

On November 23rd, 1:15 AM GMT, the Silver Empire had enacted this exact plan for themselves. They attempted to transfer their land to Water Vikings – breaching the terms set by Templars. As a result, the Silver Empire have officially lost the war against the Templars and have lost 75% of their land.

The server transfer taking place

To find out more about the intentions of this move from Silver Empire, and the reaction to it from Templars, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to both armies for a comment.

We asked Silver Empire the following:

What led you to make this sudden move? How did you think of it?

Electrumm: This move actually wasn’t sudden at all. Once they declared war on us df and I asked our staff if they wanted to participate in another war. Collectively, we all agreed it was too soon and we just wanted to chill out for a little bit. The plan came to mind immediately, we were just waiting for the right moment. We saw if SE broke a war term, the war would end with a simple forfeit and peace would be restored to our troops.

We then asked Templars the following:

What was your reaction to Silver Empire ending the war via transfer?

Xing: I was taken by surprise for a bit because I didn’t get any ping for it lol, smart move on their part but also dumb at the same time.

As we can see, the Templars were definitely taken aback at first, but judging by Xing’s statement they seem to have more tricks up their sleeves. As for Silver Empire, their plan definitely seems to have worked with [teaser] having just declared war on the Templars, which you can read about very soon.


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