Cabin becomes the 21st Commander-in-Chief at PIC

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – On the 14th of November, the People’s Imperial Confederation saw the arrival of a new leader, Cabin. What led to this promotion, and what can we expect from him?

On the 14th of November, Cabin was inducted as the 21st Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Shallissa, one of the current leaders of the army, made an official announcement in the army’s discord server, congratulating him, and mentioning how much he had done for the army.

Shallissa congratulating Cabin on his promotion to Leader

The People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin (PICCP) was formed on the 17th of October 2019 by Sidie9 and Sirproditor. After two generations in 2019 and 2020, the army was revived for a third generation on the 7th of January, 2021 and since then, the army has been growing rapidly. They held their opening event just 2 days later on the 9th of January, to which more than 15 people showed up. They have also participated in the March Madness Tournament, on the 13th of March, going against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The army has consistently been one of the Top-Ten Armies and has managed to maintain its strength and size, through everything.

PIC in a battle with the Aliens

Cabin joined the army community in 2014, by being enlisted in the Golden Troops. After his time in the Golden Troops, he joined the Pirates, in the same year. In the year 2015, Cabin enlisted in the Light Troops. Earning the trust of its leadership, he soon became Lieutenant General, the army’s Fourth-in-Command position. In May 2015, Cabin joined the Blue Miners Army after a split from the Light Troops. He became Blue Lord, Blue Miners Army’s Second-in-Command rank until the army shut down. While in the Blue Miners Army, Cabin was designated a Notable Troop for his efforts in the army. After leaving Blue Miners, he was briefly associated with the Army Republic and the Ice Warriors. In January 2016, he joined the Night Rebels where he became Third-in-Command before going back to the Light Troops. On June 21st, 2019, Cabin officially joined the CPPS army community by being enlisted as an Agent (equivalent to Private) in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, where he quickly climbed up the ranks and was promoted to the position of General (Third-in-Command) on July 17th. After leaving the army, he went back to the newly-revived Light Troops as Light Lord, the army’s Second-in-Command rank, before retiring. Cabin rejoined the army community on January 27th, 2020 by being enlisted into the Army of Club Penguin. On February 7th, 2020, he left the Army of Club Penguin and joined the Romans as a member of Higher Command. Due to some confusion and problems, he left the Romans but rejoined again as a Second-in-Command, when the army was revived again.
Cabin joined the People’s Imperial Confederation on March 22, 2021. Immediately after his joining, he received the Admiral rank and was promoted to the rank of Kommandant in just a month’s time for the effort he put in recruiting and helping during events. On the 5th of May, in PIC, Cabin was promoted to Kommissar for his hard work and dedication and was made a Recruitment Manager for the army. Following his countless contributions to the army, it was on the 5th of June, that Cabin was promoted to Marszałek, the Leader-in-Training position of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Only recently, i.e. on the 3rd of November, he was made President of the Congress of Soviets, a high governing body within the army, and was given the status of Legend, before being chosen to lead the army, which happened just a few days after.

A recent event of the People’s Imperial Confederation

CPAHQ reached out to Cabin, to know more about how he felt about the promotion, and what were his future plans for the army.

How does it feel to be a Leader?

Thus far, I feel a lot of responsibility has been placed on me. I will do everything I can to fulfill my duties as Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation to the best of my ability.

What are your future plans for the army?

Firstly, I plan on strengthening our recruitment division as best as I can. I hope to schedule more fun events in the future and continue the efforts of making the People’s Imperial Confederation a great place to be in, as have those who became leader before me.

Given that you have been a Leader in Training for a while – what are some of the learning experiences you have had that you wish to incorporate within the army as a leader?

For one, I have learned that connecting with fellow soldiers is very important, so I would make sure that we are having that communication with soldiers. Secondly, I have recruited quite a bit since I was promoted to Leader-in-Training in June and have created a system of recruiting that I will try to incorporate into our recruitment division in the future.

Could you share your favorite memory/memories of the army with me, if it’s not too personal?

I have too many favorite memories, but if I had to choose, I would probably pick our victory in the Fool’s Gold Wars against the Post Malone Army and the Golden Troops.

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a Leader, what would it be?

I look forward to bringing the People’s Imperial Confederation to new heights.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

By then, I see the People’s Imperial Confederation being larger in size, in terms of land and the number of troops we have. Right now, morale is high in the People’s Imperial Confederation, but I see it being even higher by then.

Before we conclude, is there anything else that you would like to say, or any advice you would like to give to the readers in general?

All I would like to say is that I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me as Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin.

With a new leader entering the Leadership, one can only wait to see what they bring to the table. Cabin seems to have a lot of plans for the army and is determined to make the army reach greater heights. We wish him and the People’s Imperial Confederation, the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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