Top Ten Armies [10/31/21 – 11/06/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The first week of November sees a significant reshuffling in the latter half of the top ten listing.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [65.58]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [64.63]

3. Help Force [+1] [62.55]

4. Templars [-1] [56.67]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [44.25]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation [+1] [34.00]

7. Silver Empire [+1] [33.00]

8. Army of Club Penguin [-2] [29.04]

9. Red Ravagers [+3] [28.42]

10. Wet Army Penguins [+5] [27.17]

11. Trojans [+2] [24.00]

12. Dark Vikings [-1] [22.17]

13. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+1] [17.50]

14. Special Weapons and Tactics [-5] [13.50]

15T. Sidie’s Rangers [RETURN] [8.00]

15T. Fortnite Army Penguins [NEW] [8.00]



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Biographies were compiled by Spotty, TD999, Disha, Sweater, Todoro, Rach, Max

Calculations completed by Sidie9

1. Rebel Penguin FederationComing in strong with 9 events this week, the Rebels started off with Operation: Monster Mash Bash – the army’s EU Halloween event with 39 in attendance. A couple of days later, the AUSIA Operation: Knight Terrors took place with 25 knights taking part. With another Halloween event taking place the same day, Operation: Spooky Scary saw 25 spooky scary skeletons log on! The next day, the 33 pirates took over the Rebel Penguin Federation server in Operation: Shiver Me Timbers. Continuing with their dressing-up theme, Operation: Frankenfine saw 25 monster penguins taking over the island. Next, the Rebels took the “Penguin” out of “Club Penguin” and replaced it with Club Rooster, with 27 early birds celebrating Operation: Doodle Doo. Afterwards, 31 Rebels performed their hearts out in Operation: Rebel Band and to end off their action-packed week, Operation: Ice Capades witnessed 25 figure skaters put on quite the show!

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held 6 events this week. They started the week with 2 events, a Halloween Monster Mash where 43 monsters participated, with 37 attending the BIA Halloween Party later on that day. Next, 29 warriors logged on for Battle Training. Their Pizzatron Competition saw 28 chefs and their Troop U-Lead had a size of 24. They finished the week with a #TeamSeas Awareness Event, where 43 attended helping to spread awareness.

3. Help ForceThe Silver Rush has certainly kept the Help Force busy this week, boasting a total of 8 events! Firstly, the Helpers invaded the server Ice Coast, totalling 32 in attendance. The day after, 24 members logged on to assist an ally in defending Pine Needles. When Silver Empire came knocking, 21 Helpers answered with a defence of Ice Coast. To take a break from their war, 38 members logged on for some Halloween igloo raids! As the war continued, 27 Helpers, or Crabs, attempted to invade Sled, before it was invalidated. The following day, the Helpers defended Alaska with a total of 16 Helpers in attendance and on that same night, 28 Helpers assisted an ally in invading Snow Day. To round out their week, the Helpers reached a total of 21 soldiers to defend their server, Ice Breaker.

4. TemplarsThe Templars began their week with a practice battle against the Trojans, with a size of 38 penguins present. They then participated in a battle with the Army of CP, with size of 36 online. This was followed by a battle against the Rebel Penguins, with top size of 46 people attending.

5. Water VikingsWater Vikings has held a total of 4 events for this week. Kicking the week off they held an event where they battled both the Help Force and People’s Imperial Confederation on with a total max of 20. Next, they held a Defense of Snow Day, where 20 penguin were showed up once again. Then, They held yet another Defense battle of Big Smurf from PIC with a max size of 26. Lastly to finish off the week, they held an invasion battle of Pine Needles with a total max of 22.

6. People’s Imperial ConfederationThe People’s Imperial Confederation, who are currently at war with Water Vikings, had 4 events in total this week. They started by defending Pine Needle, maxing 10. Following this was an invasion of Big Surf, hitting 22, and an invasion of Snow Day, maxing 11. They ended their week defending Pine Needles again, this time maxing 14.

7. Silver EmpireSilver Empire held a total of 3 events this week. To begin, they saw 27 penguins log on to help defend Ice Coast from the Help Force, to which they sadly lost. Next, the Silvers saw 21 log on with hopes to win back Ice Coast from the Help Force, and they were unsuccessful. Their last event saw 10 troops as they took on Help Force in an invasion of Ice Breaker.

8. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin had a busy week with a total of 8 events. They started with an invasion of Ice Coast with 15 clovers in attendance. Next saw 13 troops log on for the defence of Pine Needles and 14 in attendance for the defence of Ice Coast. Thursday saw 10 Frankenpenguins participate in a takeover, with a size of 10 scientists on Friday. A max of 8 attended the invasion of Sled, and they finished the week off with 10 troops defending Pine Needles.

9. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers had 3 events this week, starting with an AUSIA Invasion of South Chills where they maxed 12. They then went onto invade North Beret with 15 ravagers attending. They finished the week with a size of 7 at their invasion of Arctic Zero.

10. Wet Army PenguinsWet Army Penguins have had 3 events this week. Starting the week off on a note of war, WAP has had two battles against the Trojans on consecutive days, where they maxed a total of 7 troops online for the first day, and 20 troops for the second day. They ended the week on a happy note, celebrating their victory against the Trojans for which 14 people showed up.

The top two armies, the Rebel Penguins and Ice Warriors, maintained their positions for a second consecutive week with higher total scores. The Help Force and Templars switched places, with the Help Force taking the third spot. The latter half of the top ten listing interestingly sees the Special Weapons drop a whopping five places after just holding one event this week. The Army of CP has also notably fallen by two positions, and has seen their major army classification moved to small/medium. We also see the return of two armies, the Sidie’s Rangers and Legoman Army HOO RAH, while the Fortnite Army Penguins make their top twenty debut.

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