Recrudescence: Trojans redeclare War on WAP

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After having ended the war with the Wet Army Penguins, just a week back, the Trojans decide to rekindle the flame by declaring war on them, once again. What led to the decision to redeclare war? How did the Wet Army Penguins react to this?

On the 25th of October, and after two months of being at war with each other, the Trojans and the Wet Army Penguins came to a mutual agreement of ending the war between them as a tie. Just a day back (i.e. 1st of November), Ivy, the founder and one of the current leaders of Trojans announced that they have declared war on the Wet Army Penguins once again. She wrote a post on the army’s official website titled, “Third Time’s the Charm” stating that the Trojans would be engaging in war with the Wet Army Penguins, once again. The terms of the war, are as follows:

Terms of the War

The Trojans were created in late October of 2020, by Ivy and Lukey. The army was revived at the end of July, after 8 months of inactivity, and has been a part of the army community since then. At the beginning of August, they went into war with the Elite Federals, claiming victory a few days later. Apart from this, they have had practice battles against the Eclipse of Club Penguin and the Templars, and have also taken part in Challengers Cup 2. They recently joined the Red Dawn Alliance and have been one of the most active S/M armies in the army community, lately. 

A recent Trojans event

The Wet Army Penguins were created on the 7th of August by Pandor and Toxic Storm. They had their opening event, just two days later, and they have been played an active part in the army community ever since. Although it has been just 2 months since their arrival in the army community, it has managed to constantly get maxes of 10 and more at their events, their highest max being 22, which they achieved just a few days back against a battle with the Trojans. Apart from this, recently they have had a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin, as well as the Silver Empire.

A recent WAP event

To know more about the re-declaration of war on WAP, CPAHQ reached out to Ivy, the founder and one of the current leaders of Trojans.

Why did Trojans decide to go to war against WAP for the third time?

nothing was ever really resolved during the first two times. pandor spent most of his time running away, and avoiding any sign of fighting outside of community chats. We figured that finally taking WAP’s land would be a good final end to the conflict

How do you think WAP will react to this war declaration?

I’m not sure. there’s a good chance they’ll run to their allies again, but I’m confident that we’ll be ready for whatever they throw at us

So what do you aim to achieve the most out of this war?

we’re hoping to use this war as an opportunity for growth! reach 700 server members, bring out the best in every single troop, and create stronger bonds within our leadership. no matter what the outcome of this war is, our main goal is to keep the community thriving

What do you think the outcome of this war will be like? Will this end on a peaceful note?

I doubt it. so much about WAP disgusts me, they represent everything we stand against. I don’t have any predictions yet, but I believe in my staff and HCOM, and I know that we’ll do everything we can to defeat them

Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to say?

no 🙂

CPAHQ also had the opportunity to talk to Misty and Pandor, two of the leaders at WAP, and know their thoughts on the same.

So what do you think about Trojans wanting to engage in war with WAP for the third time?

Misty: Ngl I’m tired of the wars. Try something new for a change. Ooo declaring war the third time, what’s next? A fourth? BORING. Anyway Trojans, thanks for liberating me from planning events for what, a week?

How do you think WAP will do for this war?

Misty: WAP is awesome. We shall emerge victorious. Swolegarf

How do you think this war will end?

Misty: Hmm, let’s just say I’m hoping it ends in an interesting way. Let’s be honest, we need something new here. I’m looking to end this war asap and make it as fun as possible

Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to say?

Misty: Yes, I’d actually like to address the Smthy thing. Trojans declared this war because Smthy was scamming people? Man if you wanted a war declare it cos peepeepoopoo, don’t need to reach so much lol. But in all fairness, Pandor took action as soon as he was provided with proof of Smthy’s actions. I was my fault it was delayed, because I incorrectly assumed I had sent him the evidence. Scamming people? Man that shit’s messed up, go get a job or buy a lotto ticket man, yeesh

Pandor: If its a case where you complain and accuse us of not removing his rank as soon as we found out, Then why arent you saying anything to templars (if your so concerned) As far as i know hes gone back to templars sooo???

With both armies having conflicting views and differences in opinions, it seems that the war will not end so soon. It will definitely be interesting to see how this war pans out. We wish both armies good luck in their future endeavors.

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