The War between Trojans and WAP comes to an End

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After two months of being at war with each other, the Trojans and the Wet Army Penguins come to a mutual agreement of ending the war between them as a tie. What led to this decision? What can we expect the relationship between the two armies to look like in the future?

On the 25th of October, the current leader of Trojans Ivy, wrote a post on their official website stating that the war between them and the Wet Army Penguins, had finally come to an end, after two months. The war was initiated back at the beginning of September (4th of September) when the Wet Army Penguins had declared war on the Trojans. The very first battle between them took place in September and was ruled as a tie after which there was a long gap with no battles happening, but the two armies still maintained the status of being at war, throughout the month. After things being passive for quite some time, the Trojans stepped up and decided to continue with the war, and thus declared war on WAP on the 3rd of October. Following this, the armies engaged in two battles on two consecutive days – the 23rd and the 24th of October. The battle that took place on the 23rd was won by the Wet Army Penguins, whereas on the 24th, it was the Trojans who emerged victorious. It was just after this, that the leadership of both the armies came to a mutual agreement of ending the war between them as a tie.

The first battle between the Trojans and WAP in September

The Trojans were created in late October of 2020, by Ivy and Lukey. The army was revived at the end of July, after 8 months of inactivity, and has been a part of the army community since then. At the beginning of August, they went into war with the Elite Federals, claiming victory a few days later. Apart from this, they have had practice battles against the Eclipse of Club Penguin and the Templars, and have also taken part in Challengers Cup 2.

Trojans in a recent practice battle with the Eclipse

Trojans in a recent practice battle with the Templars

The Wet Army Penguins were created on the 7th of August by Pandor and Toxic Storm. They had their opening event, just two days later, and they have been played an active part in the army community ever since. Although it has been just 2 months since their arrival in the army community, it has managed to constantly get maxes of 10 and more at their events, their highest max being 22, which they achieved just a few days back against a battle with the Trojans. Apart from this, recently they have had a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin, as well as the Silver Empire.

Wet Army Penguins in a recent practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin

Wet Army Penguins in a recent practice battle with the Silver Empire

To know more about the war coming to an end, CPAHQ reached out to Ivy of Trojans, and Smithy of Wet Army Penguins.

What are your thoughts on this war coming to an end?

Ivy: honestly I feel great. we came out stronger than ever :SPIN:, and our members got to have a taste of a real war.

Smithy: War was irrelevant and had no purpose due to it being in cpahq and Trojans having no land so im not bothered it ended or not.

How did you think your army did for this war, and what could have gotten better, if there’s anything?

Ivy: we did well! I’m incredibly proud of us. we’re growing faster than ever, and I got to see many of our staff members come out of their shells.

Smithy: We could’ve won.

Would you like to say anything to the other army?

Ivy: No.

Smithy: Nah not really it was just a bit of cpa drama ivy is a cool person as are the other staff in Trojans but I can’t name any tbh.

The battle between the Trojans and WAP on the 23rd of October

The battle between the Trojans and WAP on the 24th of October

As another war comes to an end, one can only wait and see what kind of an impact it will have on the army community at large. This war certainly intrigued the members of the army community, and it will be interesting to see what the two armies do in the future. We wish both armies good luck in their future endeavors.

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