Wet Army Penguins Issues Declaration of War on Eclipse

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Recently, the Wet Army Penguins have decided to declare war on the Eclipse. What led WAP into making this decision?

Wet Army Penguins recently declared war on the Eclipse.  In the declaration, Wet Army Penguins offered no reasoning for declaring war on Eclipse so there is no formal explanation to be given on why the Penguins declared on Eclipse. However, on October 15th of this year, the Eclipse issued a half-declaration of war towards the Wet Army Penguins so it is isn’t foolish to assume the Penguins are responding to this. You can read the statement issued by the Eclipse leadership here.

The War Terms as written by the Wet Army Penguins

The Wet Army Penguins were founded on August 7th of this year by Pandor. In their few months of existence, their sizes have fluctuated between 5 and 10, with an all-time peak of 16. They have had a couple of noticeable battles, including a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin and another practice battle with the Silver Empire.

The Wet Army Penguins’ peak size, 16+

The Eclipse of Club Penguin, also known as just Eclipse, were created on July 17th of this year by Todoro. The Eclipse have battled against notable armies such as the Trojans and Golden Troops, but closed down on September 17th and later reopened on October 17th. After their reopening events, their schedule has been filled with trainings and a singular practice battle.

A recent Eclipse event where they reached a peak size of 5

To understand the context behind the declaration, as well as both armies’ plans surrounding it, Club Penguin Army Headquarters decided to reach out to Pandor, Wet Army Penguins leader, and Todoro, Eclipse leader.

Todoro: Like we honestly don’t know some info for it they declared war against us with just war terms. The war started with us invading their land.

Pandor: WAP win.

It seems that the Wet Army Penguins are confident that they will be the victors, while Eclipse has no clue why the war is even going on at all. Only time can tell how this war will pan out and who the victor will be. Either way, Club Penguin Army Headquarters will keep the community up to date regarding this and future conflicts.



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