The Gold Melts: Neha Retires As Golden Troops Go On Hiatus

Half Pipe, Former Golden Troops Capital – Succeeding Neha’s departure, the Golden Troops face the end of their ninth generation. What caused this to happen and what can we expect from Golden Troops in the future?

Counting with an extensive history, the Golden Troops have been part of the army community since 2010, and have broken numerous records ever since. Some of their most notable accomplishments include consistently securing high positions in the S/M Top Tens and their involvement in famed tournaments, particularly Legends Cup X. In spite of the steady and consistent success the Golden Troops continued to feature, they showed mild periods of inactivity last summer. Recently, they announced the end of the ninth generation.

As a consequence of the September drop and other personal matters, many members of the leadership team felt forced to resign from their position. Most recently, a statement announced Neha’s retirement from the Golden Troops community. First recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation, Neha quickly made a name for herself in the community by helping out in other armies as staff, most notably Red Ravagers and Ice Warriors. Neha eventually found her way into Golden Troops, rising to leadership last June.

Golden Troops during an event.

With the army ceasing all operations, there will be a final event on October 2nd, with the purpose of ending an era strongly. Additionally, a tenth generation won’t make an appearance until next December, and the army will not be revived until then.

The Golden Troops’ final statement.

Aiming to gather more insight on this sudden decision and what’s next to come, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Neha, who recently stepped down from her leader position.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished as GT leader?

100% yes, i had a goal to organize the system we were working with in GT and i accomplished the heck out of it. Where we are now, from when i joined, is so different and so amazing. I couldn’t have been more proud.

How do you think the army will manage succeeding the months long hiatus?

Well, a main reason we are going in the hiatus is because we need a break and everyone is busy with school. We are already in a planning stage for the new gen and we have been for a little while. I have full confidence in what is to come for this army in the future.

Can we expect to see you leading GT again in the future?

Well answers may vary but for now it’s going to be a yes.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes! Remember folks, this is Club Penguin so have fun and don’t stress out or silly things!!!

We can see that Neha is confident about the future of the army, and remains positive about the team’s accomplishments during the ninth generation. Perhaps we could even see Neha return and bring the army to new heights! Stay tuned, because we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest news.

What do YOU think? Will Golden Troops resurface and succeed in a new generation? Be sure to voice YOUR thoughts in our Discord server’s general chat!


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