Wars that will never happen

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Every week, I will be doing a prediction-type post on a battle that would probably never happen. The way that I will be getting the armies is using a wheel of names. This week we got Eclipse vs Golden Troops(This is all in good fun as well and not meant to cause any drama)

Eclipse of Club Penguin is one of the newest armies to join Club Penguin Armies. It was created by Todoro and has 2 other leaders. This week, they placed 14th on the Top Ten. They have a size average of 3-4 troops. They have 2 allies. They are Templars of Club Penguin and Wet Army Penguins.


And the opponent that will never happen is the Golden Troops. They were created by Ganger90. They placed 13th in the Top Ten and they have a size average of 5-6. They are involved in a war against the People’s Imperial Confederation and Post Malone Army. They have 4 leaders: Kattle11, TheMightyA, Neha, and Simmonds2000. They have 4 allies. Special Weapons and Tactics, Red Ravangers, Crimson Guardians, and Ice Warriors.

To open posts to the community, I have gone around and asked 3 leaders of armies and 3 CPAHQ staff who they think would win the battles. I asked them to give as much information as they can on who would win and why.  This is what they said:

DMT, Director in Chief

I think the Golden Troops would complete a 3-0 sweep over Eclipse. They are larger and have more experienced leaders which is one of the most important factors in a battle, in my opinion. Their leadership, even if they had an off day in size, would be able to outpace Eclipse and complete more technically complex commands, like wipes and other sorts of bombs.

Rach, Column Manager

If Golden Troops and Eclipse were to have a battle I think that it would be GT winning but with a tie thrown in, both armies are strong in my opinion GT does have the strength and so does eclipse but GT is a bit faster ngl.

Vanish, Vice Director 

I personally believe Golden Troops would beat Eclipse. I believe GT has more of a solid foundation an experience, allowing them to win overtime.

Real, Sea Serpents Leader

Honestly i dont know. Both armies are really small and don’t really know them. I know eclipse is smaller then GT but it would be hard to know. If i really had to say something then i’d say Golden Troops. It would be an interesting fight to judge. Would love to see that in the future :). Overall Goldent Troops has better maxes then Eclipse so that’s the reason i’d say GT.

Xing, Templars of Club Penguin Leader

Eclipse because templars would be backing them up and the templars are well drilled and trained.

Kally, Ice Warriors Leader

I think if Eclipse and Golden Troops went to war, I think it could go to GT. This simply for the fact that they have been in the community for a longer time, giving them experience in wars and battles that Eclipse might lack. A practice battle between the two would be quite interesting to see nevertheless!

To conclude, the majority of the people interviewed decided that Golden Troops would come out victorious due to the size difference and the amount of time they have been in the community compared to Eclipse of Club Penguin.

What do YOU think? If this was to happen would Golden Troops come out victorious or would Eclipse beat Golden Troops? Comment below what you think!

Da Best
CP Army Headquarters- Reporter

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