Fiery Shakedown: Fire Warriors Leadership Changes

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Empire – Following the Fire Warriors championship victory in the Challengers Cup, they recently underwent a period of drama, involving one leader exiting, and two leaders being inducted. What caused all of this to happen?

The Fire Warriors were created in 2007 by WWE09 and have gone under several generations. This most current generation was under the leadership of Cassie, Sweater, Haley, Ugly, and AustinFraud up until recently and they were known for being one of the most dominant armies in the small/medium community. More recently, they were crowned the victors of the Challengers Cup, in which the Warriors were able to take down the Peoples Imperial Confederation by an impressive 3-0 score.

Fire Warriors in Challengers Cup 2

Today, however, there was some drama that unfolded in the Fire Warriors Discord server. In a post, which can be found HERE, Sweater went into detail about the things that took place which ultimately resulted in AustinFraud departing leadership. It was stated in the post that the former leader had created group chats that featured alliance talks and even boiled down to multiple staff and HCOM members stating that they would leave the Warriors altogether if something happened to Austin.

AustinFraud and Ugly mentioning they were going to leave if it “wasn’t for him”

Following the argument between Sweater and Austin, Sweater released an announcement in the Fire Warriors Server, which has since been deleted that AustinFraud was banned and his legend status within the Fire Warriors was revoked.

Following the events that took place in the server, Rach and Tymatt were named the two newest leaders of the Fire Warriors. In an attempt to move on from the events that took place prior, the new leadership team is eager to bring the Warriors to new heights and move on from their previous drama. Despite the fact that the Warriors were going through a period of much success, it is clear that they are now in a period to rebuild.

What do YOU think? How will the recent drama impact the Warriors? Will Rach and Tymatt be able to pull them out from the hole FW is in right now? Be sure to let us know by leaving your thoughts down below!


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