Fire Warriors has a new Leader: Ugly joins the Leadership

HOT CHOCOLATE – Fire Warriors Empire: After the retirement of Cassie, Fire Warriors sees the arrival of a new leader, Ugly. What has Ugly got in store for the army?

The Fire Warriors were created in late August of 2007 by WWE09. Wwe09 retired in June of 2008 and unfortunately, nobody stepped up to the plate. Due to this fact, the Fire Warriors shut down due to inactivity. The army was idle for quite some time before they reopened again in February, this year. More recently, we have seen the Warriors arise as one of the premier small/medium armies in the community, making it to the Top-10 Armies, this week, which can be found HERE. For the quarter-finals of Challengers Cup 2, they battled against the Golden Troops and emerged victorious, after which Ugly was promoted to the position of Leader.

Fire Warriors in battle with the Golden Troops during Challengers Cup 2 – Round 1

Ugly first joined armies back in February of 2020 where he was recruited into Aliens by BestPenguin (BP). After having joined the Aliens, he joined The Tree Cult, where he quickly rose to the position of Leader, before the army shut down. After leaving Tree Cult, Ugly took a break from armies for a bit, before he joined the Dark Champions as Third in Command. In December 2020, Ugly was promoted as a Leader of the Dark Champions. But soon after, the army became completely inactive in the early months of 2021. This is when, Ugly joined Fire Warriors as a staff member, and eventually became a Leader-in-Training there.

Following their victory against the Golden Troops in the first round of Challengers Cup 2AustinFraud announced the promotion of Ugly to Main Leader.

AustinFraud announcing Ugly’s promotion to Leader in Fire Warriors

CPAHQ had the opportunity to speak with Ugly about his promotion, and his plans for the army as Leader.

How does it feel to be the leader of an army?

Feels great, its nice to have a sort of thanks to what you are doing. Loved being around the community as a LIT for so long while having a lot of memes surrounding it lol. Its cool it finally got to be a real thing.

Given that you have been in fire warriors as a Leader-in-Training for quite some time, what are some of the learning experiences you have had, which you would like to incorporate within the army as a leader?

Being mentoring and leading, which I’d like to put in CC2 for a secured victory this week. I’ve learned a lot more from my fellow leadership.

Could you share some of your favorite memories in Fire Warriors with me?

Ah there’s just so darn many, my favorite is probably when I was accidentally banned from FW by Essie and everyone started laughing at me. Then Essie got banned moments later and everyone started laughing, deserved LOL. This community is by far the greatest.

What are your plans for the army?

After winning our CC2 trophy we are planning to achieve our major status with a lot of new staff coming our way. There’s many plans in my mind, though most of us are focusing hard on winning the tournament.

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would it be?

Bring the army back to its 2009 glory.

Is there anything you would like to say, or any piece of advice you would like to give to the readers in general?

Fear the Flames.

Ugly sure seems to have a lot of goals in mind, for the Fire Warriors to accomplish, the first being them winning the Challengers Cup 2. His hard work and persistence have certainly paid off.  However, his confidence and determination will be critical in the next step of his journey, and we wish him all the very best in it.

What do YOU think? How will Ugly fare as a Leader? How does the future look for the Fire Warriors? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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