Top Ten Armies [8/1/21-8/7/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- August’s first Top Ten sees a record number of armies, which brings a flurry of movement to the rankings.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [79.99]

2. Ice Warriors [+1] [68.01]

3. Templars [+2] [65.50]

4. Help Force [-3] [63.44]

5. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [53.84]

6. Water Vikings [+0] [46.60]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [37.81]

8. Smart Penguins [-1] [37.48]

9. Silver Empire [NEW!] [32.75]

10. People’s Imperial Confederation [+7] [29.84]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Golden Troops [+0] [29.72]

12. Secret Service [-3] [25.70]

13. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [NEW!] [20.00]

14. Skateboarders [-2] [19.00]

15. Fire Warriors [NEW!] [18.00]

16. Legoman Army HOO RAH [NEW!] [14.50]

17. Post Malone Army [-2] [14.34]

18. Red Ravagers [-2] [13.41]

19. Elite Federals [-5] [12.37]

20. Eclipse Army [NEW!] [11.92]

21. Golden Penguin Army [NEW!] [10.50]

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Note: the Crimson Guardians event in the above calculations was from last week.  I am just too lazy to retake the picture.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held 8 events this week. The first one to take place was the Quater Finals of LCXI against the Fire Warriors maxing 56. Next, 34 colorful troops logged on for a colorful theme event. The rebels then saw 31 log on for LCXI Semi-Finals training. A practice battle with the Water Vikings was held next which saw 40 troops in attendance. More battle training took place as the army saw 35 troops log on. 33 troops put a cinematic theme into an event where they wore 3D glasses. A snowshoe theme event was held next as they saw a total of 33 troops log on. To end off the week the Rebels took place in the Semi-Final round of LCXI and were victorious with 80 troops!

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a total of 6 events. Kicking it off with a Spirit Week fashion contest, a total of 30 contestants were recorded. Next, a Scavenger Hunt saw 34 troops hunting to find all the required items. Later, a troop U-lead saw an attendance of 38 troops ready to lead some tactics. A battle and game night with the Silver Empire witnessed a peak of 39 troops. A Beach Music Jam was held, where 32 troops showed up to show off their awesome dance skills. Finally, to end the week a LCXI training event took place to prep for their battle against the help force, with a max of 47 troops.

3. Templars: Templars had a short week with only 2 events. They started with their Legends Cup Quarterfinals against PIC maxing 35. They ended the week with their Legends Cup Semifinals against RPF maxing 76.

4. Help Force: Help Force had a quiet week compared to other major armies, having just four events. Their first event was Operation: Spirit, that saw 43 troops practicing their tactics. Next, they held two fruit themed events, dressing as watermelons and strawberries, and maxing 44 and 36 respectively. Finally, they held a battle against the dreaded ‘Ketchup Krusaders’, which 35 Helpers attended.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The Army Of Club Penguin had a total of 5 events this week. First, a Tactics Excellence event maxing 34. This was followed up with a Dancing Revolution event maxing 26, and then a Murder Mystery event maxing 30. Next. the Clovers hosted a Birthday Bash for Sanya, where they maxed 21. Finally, they hosted a friendly Practice Battle vs Secret Service, achieving a max of 28.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held a total of 6 events this past week. They started it out with a training event maxing 16 troops. Next, 19 Vikings logged on for another training event. Next they held a Practice Battle with Rebel Penguin Federation which saw 29 troops. 13 troops logged on for another training event the next day. An air force take over the day after saw 25 troops logged on. To end the week, 12 troops went to a training event.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held four events this week. They started out with a joint training between their AUSIA and US Divisions, maxing 27. They held another training afterwards, attended by 15 troops. Next, they held an event for Firestar after his retirement from the army, maxing 35 altogether. To finish the week, SWAT’s Staff, and Staff-in-training were pitted against eachother in a Civil War event that 20 penguins participated in.

8. Smart Penguins: Smart Penguins held a total of 4 events for this week. They started the week off by having an Invasion war against the Golden Troops for Balaclava bay where they maxed 14. Then, held yet another invasion for Evergreen with a max total of 13. Next, they attempted the 2nd time to invade Balaclava Bay land where they were successful maxing 15. Finally, finishing the week off with an AUSIA defense of Berg with a total max of 14.

9. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire return after a break week, hosting a modest 4 events.  Their campaign started with a Find Four tournament, where 15 troops attended.  They then hosted an Ice Fishing tournament, this time reaching sizes of 21.  In their next event, the Silvers maxed just 10 in a practice battle against the Ice Warriors.  Their final event for the week was a Pizzatron tournament, obtaining sizes of 15 again.  Welcome back, SE!

10. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation focused on their war with Post Malone Army this week, holding four events. They began with an invasion of Walrus, maxing 13. Next, 8 troops prepared for upcoming battles with a training event. They took on Post Malone Army again, this time invading Deep Snow with a max of 10. Finally, 11 soldiers fought their enemy once more, raiding their event.

With 13 of the 21 listed armies experiencing a change in their rank, it is hard to choose what to highlight!  For starters, the Rebel Penguin Federation jumped back into first, garnering a comfortable lead over the Ice Warriors and the Help Force.  The Templars once again broke up the usual top four, despite hosting just two events.  These two events, though, brought forth impressive sizes that dwarfed the sizes of the Army of Club Penguin.  Bringing up the caboose of the Top Ten, the People’s Imperial Confederation make another big jump, climbing seven spots to take 10th place.  This comes from a busy week of battling the Post Malone Army, who fell to 17th despite the activity.  A total of six armies joined the power rankings this week, with four of those armies making their debut.  The Dua Inn Lipa Fighters, the Legoman Army HOO RAH, the Eclipse Army, and the Golden Penguin Army were all created this week.  The other two new armies, the Silver Empire and the Fire Warriors, are only returning from a week of inactivity.  Both armies were a bit off the pace compared to their usual sizes, but they are back nonetheless.

What do you think?  Which new army will rise to prominence?  How will the top five pan out next week?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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