Server Chase: Smart Penguins Enter War with Golden Troops

Klondike- CP Army Headquarters on July 30th the Smart Penguins called war on the Golden Troops, What lead to this decision and how did the Golden Troops react. On July 30th the Smart Penguins announced in their discord server that they would be going to war with the Golden Troops. Smart penguins announced the declaration of war in this Website post. Here are some of the War Terms

Smart Penguins terms on GT war


This is not the first war for the Golden army as they saw a few wars last year as well. This is not new to them but it did come as a shock to them as they also have a war going on with the Peoples Imperial Confederation that was called on Post Malone Army which is a GT Proxy army due to a falling out in the alliance (PIC/GT)  which can be found here PIC war on PMA.  

The Golden Troops also released their own post sharing their side of the situation which can be found here GT Response to PIC where they state what they went through within the alliance and they exposed some stuff from the Alliance group chat. Smart Penguins declared because they wanted to get servers on the west side of the map. They have had 4 battles so far with Smart Penguins having won 3/4.

Reason of War


CP Army Headquarters  reached out to Kattle11 A leader of Golden Troops and Df44 Smart Penguins Commander-in-chief for a statement on how their army is taking the war.

Kattle: GT really couldnt care tbh were just gonna take it day by day. As for our plans for the remainder of the war cant reveal much other than that were gonna do whatever we decide within the leadership which you will have to wait and see what happens.

Df44: So we’ve been planning this war for a while now. I’ll remind that the whole idea of starting a war was ours and that later after we discussed it with PIC, our closest allies, so that we could have a joint plan of action. We entered this war with the purest goal of conquering their servers, we were tired of lengthy and pointless war declarations over a penguin game. We want land and that’s it! They tried to transfer all of it to SWAT in the hope they could run away lol. We knew it would be a possibility so we made it clear in our terms that server transfers would be frozen, making them fight us. I believe the community is lacking fights and wars and we are armies that’s why we’re here. You can expect that the Imperial Intelligence Alliance won’t give up that easily. So far we’ve only lost one battle and it was a close one. GT and PMA thought that no one would notice that they were ridiculously dominating the map when they are exactly the same army run by exactly the same people. We are still focused on our goal. They call us greedy for servers and, honestly, yes we are, but weren’t they as well? And, isn’t that the whole purpose of a CPA map? :smirk1: “Not one step backwards!”

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