Legends Cup Quarter-Finals Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Quarter-Finals of Legends Cup XI are over! It was an intense weekend in which four battles took place. Which armies advanced to the Semi-Finals?

Bracket for LCXI Quarter-Finals

Help Force vs Water Vikings

The first battle of the Quarter-Finals was between the Help Force and Water Vikings. The recently revived Vikings went committed to winning, after a past of defeats in tournaments against the Helpers. However, the Help Force dominated and won all rooms with a size advantage of 30 penguins online. Although the Vikings defended themselves with good bombs and tactics, it was not enough to compete with HF size.

HF (yellow) vs WV (white)

Ice Warriors vs Secret Service

The Ice Warriors are a regular top 3 army, which made the outcome of this battle predictable. Throughout all three rooms, the Warriors held a size advantage of approximately 30, covering the Secret Service during the majority of the battle. The battle was deemed as an IW victory for 3-0.

IW vs SS

Templars of Club Penguin vs People’s Imperial Confederation

The third battle of the Quarter-Finals was between the Templars of Club Penguin and the People’s Imperial Confederation. Templars held an apriori advantage against PIC as a regular top 5 army. The Confederates, that recently entered a state of war, picked up their size during the battle, but it was not enough to take the immense size advantage by TCP. As a result, the battle was deemed as a Templars victory in the three rooms.


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Fire Warriors

The last battle of the Quarter-Finals was between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Fire Warriors. The Fire Warriors, which held a break week to focus on hyping this battle, gave their best but eventually logged off after room two, giving an automatic win to the Rebels.


The Semi-Finals will have the participation of Help Force, Ice Warriors, Templars, and Rebel Penguin Federation. Next weekend, those powers will face each other in the hope of reaching the finals.

What do YOU think about the battles of this round and their outcomes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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