Legends Cup Quarter-Finals Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  As we head into the Quater-Finals for the Legends Cup tournament. The staff of CPAHQ and Max has decided to share their predictions. Which army do you guys think will be in the finals? Let’s find out more down below! 

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Fire Warriors:

Rebel Penguin Federations with a max total of 48.

The Rebel Penguin Federation is currently in 1st place in this week’s TopTen, making it their 4th week in a row. They have shown a great number of skills to show what they can do. Fire Warriors is currently in 6th in TopTen for the week. They have also shown what they had been doing to improve their max and capability throughout the week. Both of the armies had been preparing for the Quarter-Finals LC. The Staff of Cpahq and Max has decided to share their predictions, on who they think will reach the finals.

DMT, Director-in-Chief–  Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Superhero123. Site ManagerRebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Rach, Column Manager–  Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0) 

Crazzy, Head Moderator–  Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Funks, Site Manager–  Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Max, LC-StaffRebel Penguin Federation (3-0) 


Templars of Club Penguin vs People Imperial Confederation 

TCP showing a max of 40.

The Templars of Club Penguin was placed 5th in the TopTen for the week. They have been showing their strength, in what they have been doing during the week. Whereas PIC had a quiet week with having 5 events in total. People Imperial Confederation also had been preparing for the Legends Cup Quater-Finals as well. Do you guys think PIC might have a chance at winning against the Templars? The CPAHQ staff team and Max have also shared their predictions.

DMT, Director-in-Chief–  Templars of Club Penguin (3-0)

Superhero123, Site Manager, Templars of Club Penguin (3-0) 

Rach, Column Manager-, Templars of Club Penguin (3-0) 

Crazzy, Head Moderator  Templars of Club Penguin (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-ChiefTemplars of Club Penguin (3-0)

Funks, Site Manager–  Templars of Club Penguin (3-0)

Max, LC staff–  People Imperial Confederation (2-1)

Ice Warriors vs Secret Service

Ice Warriors showing a max of 54.

The Ice Warriors has been placed at 2nd in the Top Ten for the week. They had a busy week prepping for the Legends Cups. Secret Service had a quiet week as well. They passed 1st round of the Legends Cup and are now preparing for round 2. Does Secret Service have what it takes to defeat the Ice Warriors? The staff of CPAHQ and Max has shared their predictions on it.

DMT, Director-in-ChiefIce Warriors  (3-0)

Superhero123, Site Manager, Ice Warriors (3-0) 

Rach, Column ManagerIce Warriors (3-0) 

Crazzy Head Moderator Ice Warriors (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-CheifIce Warriors (3-0)

Funks, Site ManagerIce Warriors  (3-0)

Max, LC staffIce Warriors  (3-0)

Water Vikings vs Help Force

The Help Force with a total max of 45.

The Help Force had a busy week as well just like with the rest of the armies. Help force is currently setting as 3rd place in the top tens for the week. They had also been busy getting ready for the quarter-finals, which they face against the Water Vikings. The Water Viking was placed at 8th in the Top Ten. Do you guys think that Water Vikings will be able to win against the Help Force? The staff of CPAHQ and Max has shared their last predictions for the quarter-finals. 

DMT, Director-in-Chief- Help Force (2-0-1 W/L/D)

Superhero123, Site Manager Water Vikings (2-1) 

Rach, Column ManagerWater Vikings (3-0) 

Crazzy Head ModeratorHelp Force (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-CheifWater Vikings (3-0)

Funks, Site Manager- Water Vikings (3-0)

Max, LC staffHelp Force (3-0)

It seems that all of the armies that are part-taking in the Quarter-Finals are ready. Which battle are you guys looking forward to the most? Which armies do you guys think will be able to reach the finals? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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