Legends Cup XI: Round One Review

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The first round of the Legends Cup has come to a close. Which armies advanced to the next round?

The Legends Cup has made its’ annual return to the army community. Unlike prior years, the eleventh installment of the tournament was hosted and planned by army leaders all around the community. 16 armies were scheduled to battle one another, yet unexpected forfeits and dropouts prior to the tournament start dropped that number to 13. The Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and Fire Warriors all advanced prior to their battle starts. Out of the remaining 10, who advanced to the next round?

Army of Club Penguin vs People’s Imperial Confederation

The first battle of Legend Cup XI brought surprises to the tournament. The first of the three rooms, Iceberg, wasn’t an intense room, as only the People’s Imperial Confederation showed up. Following the end of the room, both armies were sent to the Mine for room two. Within the early minutes of the Mine, the Army of Club Penguin released a post entitled “Withdrawal From The Legends Cup XI Tournament“.  As the title suggests, the Army of Club Penguin announced their withdrawal from the eleventh Legends Cup, letting the People’s Imperial Confederation immediately advance.

Templars vs Red Ravagers

The second, and final battle of the 24th took place between the Templars and Red Ravagers. Throughout all three rooms, the Templars held a massive size advantage over the Red Ravagers. Along with said advantage, they were much faster and were able to cover the Ravagers for a majority of the battle. The battle ended in Templar victory, as they had swept all three rooms clean.

SWAT vs Secret Service

The first of three; the Special Weapons and Tactics took on the Secret Service at the start of day two. Throughout rooms one and two, the Secret Service held a size advantage over SWAT, along with cleaner forms and more speed. In room three, however, both armies were unable to cover one another, and no there was no noticeable speed difference. The judges declared rooms one and two towards the Secret Service’s favor, and room three as a tie.

Smart Penguins vs Water Vikings

The Water Vikings and Smart Penguins faced off in the second battle of the 24th. Similar to other battles, one army dominated the entirety of it, this time the Water Vikings. Throughout the entirety of the battle, the Vikings were much faster and cleaner than the Smarties. Along with their speed, they also had a massive size advantage that couldn’t be made up for. Due to their size and speed, the Water Vikings won over the Smart Pengions in a three-room sweep.

Help Force vs Underground Mafias Army

The final battle of the first round was canceled. Just at the beginning of the battle, the Underground Mafias released a post titled “Withdrawal From The Legends Cup XI Tournament“. Similar to the Army of Club Penguin, the Underground Mafias announced their withdrawal from the Legends Cup, letting the Help Force advance to the quarter-finals.

For all parties involved, this weekend was surely eventful. Congratulations to all the armies that advanced to the quarter-finals, and better luck next year to all armies who forfeited or lost. With the quarter-finals taking place in the upcoming days, it’ll be interesting to see who can advance to the semi-finals.

What do YOU think? Who advances to the next round of Legends Cup XI? Who takes home the cup this year? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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