The Philosophy of Multilogging

Hello armies, and welcome to the all-new philosophy division of CP Army HQ. We’ll be discussing the ethical dilemmas of CPA today right here. My goal is to make you as the reader really think about both sides of the argument when it comes to the difficult and the controversial. I’ll also be providing my own thoughts throughout these posts. We’ll be starting today with a very relevant topic, multilogging.


To give a brief definition in case you’re not sure: multilogging in CPA involves one user logging into and using multiple accounts at once to increase max sizes at an event/battle.

Regular readers of CPAHQ may recall that the S/M army the Medieval Warriors were recently caught multilogging. This comes after the army was also caught doing it just last month, in their first generation. This alone demonstrates how multilogging continues to be an ongoing concern, even today.

Many organizations have rules banning multilogging. In the top 10s for that week, CPAHQ  removed 16 points from Medieval Warriors for their actions. Club Penguin Armies Network similarly deducted 15 points. Medieval Warriors placed last in both organizations that week as a result.

Armies caught multilogging usually end up shutting down as well in the aftermath; Medieval Warriors itself shut down temporarily last month as a result of the multilogging scandal.

The attitude this community has really speaks for itself. New armies should not engage in multilogging unless they’re willing to pay the price.

However, we will be questioning this assumption today. An important part of philosophy is learning to put aside all of the ideas you already have about a subject and examine it from a blank slate. It’s about learning to look past your own bias and trying to see both points of view to reach a fair conclusion. I challenge you to try and do both of these things today.

The focus is on why multilogging is so frowned upon. We’ll also consider whether this is justified in armies today as max sizes continue to slowly drop and the challenge of breaking into CPA as a new army with good maxes becomes harder and harder.

Arguments Against Multilogging

Smaller armies often use multilogging to try and get the edge on their [often much larger] competition. However, is this really fair? The sizes an army gets are typically a representation of how much work has gone into the said army. Larger sizes illustrate the commitment and skill of the staff team behind an army. It represents good recruitment practices and in general, a good army to be in [higher maxing armies get much more media attention which also means any bad practices such as multilogging itself are noticed much more quickly]. Is it really fair to write off the hard work of other armies by multilogging?

A further issue with multilogging is the issue of trust. How can the community trust an army that secretly multilogs for personal gain? If an army is so willing to put itself first at the cost of others, how can other armies trust it as an ally? To take the Medieval Warriors example, would you ally your army with them after all the multilogging allegations?

It looks like a pretty open and shut conversation all in all, right? Multilogging is bad, it’s an insult to armies that put the work in. It demonstrates just how far an army will go in a desperate attempt to get somewhere in armies.

Here’s where the philosophy really comes in. Here are some counter-points to think about.

Arguments For Multilogging

Multilogging could have applications in today’s armies.

It could allow for fairer fights between smaller and larger armies. Size is often a big part of the verdict in any armies battle. But, what if army size wasn’t a factor? What if battles were based on solely tactics and formations? Would this allow for fairer battles? Multilogging could help to make this possible. If the smaller army was allowed to multilog extra penguins in lieu of the size difference, maybe this would allow for a fairer fight.

Size as the key factor is in itself a debate. Stay tuned for more on this topic. But, for now, let’s focus on multilogging.

It’s also worth thinking about if multilogging could help to curb the effects of size drops during schooltime. For years, armies have always seen a major increase in sizes during the summer period and other times of year covered globally by school holidays. Of course, this also means armies suffer from a major drop in sizes once schools start to reopen again. If organizations allowed multilogging during these periods, size loss could be prevented.

Additionally, multilogging could help solve a much bigger problem facing armies: it’s own decline. It goes without saying that armies have shrunk as a community over time. Many older faces have retired or have been forced out of the community for being corrupt. Few people are playing private servers like Club Penguin Rewritten. As a result, armies have a much smaller recruiting pool to work with. Some armies recruit on other games to compensate like ROBLOX. Another possible solution is to turn to multilogging to compensate.

However, allowing multilogging opens the door to many problems. All accounts at an event/battle that are multilogged would need to be monitored. The addition of a system like this would also mean having to teach all armies how to multilog. This would make multilogging even easier to abuse outside of lower size periods by everyone, raising even more problems.


Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s my conclusion that there might be possible uses for multilogging in some circumstances. However, at the end of the day, any exception which would allow its use would require making it possible for all armies to multilog. The possibilities for abuse this would create is not worth the trouble in my opinion.

But, there are always other arguments and possibilities to consider.

What do YOU think? Are there other arguments for or against multilogging? Is multilogging ever acceptable? Leave a comment below, or join the CPAHQ Discord server and get in on the debate.

Rowan Alden


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2 Responses

  1. Jay July 24, 2021 (3:55 pm)

    Nearly every major army today multilogs, the bigger ones are just good at hiding it.

  2. otter July 24, 2021 (4:07 pm)

    the negatives outweigh the positives. a huge part of building your army is having a real community and a consistent stream of people joining, it needs to be alive. it wouldn’t be authentic or real if most of the army’s size during events was just leaders on alts. armies would start operating without any actual troops.

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