Smart Penguins Return to the Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Smart Penguins have returned to the community for their sixth generation. What led to this revival, and what can we expect to see from them?

Vivek created the Smart Penguin army back in 2013 alongside Dinesh, The army saw 5 generations before it shut down in October of 2016, then a final closure in March of 2017 due to Club Penguin shutting down as well. One of the final events of the army before the shut down of Club Penguin was also Superhero123’s retirement event due to him being the only SP legend who didn’t retire yet. Both the UK and the AUSIA events they held had totals of 17-18 penguins online.

One of SP’s final events

The Smart Penguins announced that they would be having a revival event to kick off the sixth generation of the army as seen in the website post. For this era, joining the leadership team is DF44, a former Third-In-Command in the Water Vikings. Super will be co-leading alongside DF. SP has also gathered some impressive HCOM members, with Fedd76 coming over from the now closed Water Vikings and Snork joining his first army since the late Pizza Federation.  Their opening event took place on June 26th, 2021 and they had a total of 15 penguins log on to show their support of the new generation.  The opening event was actually moved up a week early.  The purpose of this was to give the army more time to prepare for Legends Cup XI, according to Super.

Smart Penguins Revival Event

CPAHQ was able to reach out to DF for an interview about his plans for this new generation.

What made you want to help revive Smart Penguins?

Well, I used to joke around with Super about reviving it. I wanted to try different things in the army community and building or rebuilding an army was definitely one of those things. When I actually asked for permission to revive it, both Super and Cotton trusted it to me and the whole process of reviving started.

What do you look forward to most about this new generation?

I look forward to have consistent maxes and participate in tournaments or even some wars, but most of all I look forward to have fun while leading it.

What are some goals/plans that you have for the army?

Besides the consistent maxes and the participation in tournaments, I am aiming to create a fun environment in SP. More than a CP Army, we’re rebuilding a community and that takes a whole lot of work. However, I have a great team by my side from staff to advisors that will definitely help me in the pursue of both my personal and collective goals.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


DF is set to continue his army career with a new challenge: bringing the Smart Penguins back to their former glory as an AUSIA powerhouse.  Their opening event earned them 14th on this weeks Top Ten, which can be viewed HERE.  Their performance next week will show the community if the Smarties mean business.

Will DF and SUper lead the Smart Penguins down the path of success? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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