Neha Joins Golden Troop Leadership

shKLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- On June 19th, Neha had announced her joining the leadership of the Golden Troops. What led to her decision of joining their leadership? Read on more to find out down below!

Neha announcing joining Golden Troops leadership. Click to enlarge

Neha joined the army community back in April of 2020, she was recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation. Not long after, she went to joined Dark Bandits. She had worked her way up the ranks which lasted about 3 weeks before their shutdown. Soon after Dark Bandits had shut down, she had become 2ic for the Red Ravagers for a little bit before joining Ice Warriors as staff then left not long after.

She had joined Doritos of Club Penguin as their 3ic. During her time in the Doritos, she had joined the Red Ravagers as a 3ic and made her way up as a 2ic. Not long after she joined the Red Ravagers Hcom, she then had joined the Silver Empire as their 3ic. Lastly, before she had stepped down from theRed Ravagers, she was promoted to leader back in 2020 which lasted up to late April of 2021. Finally, she had become an advisor for Golden Troops.

 The CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to Neha for an interview:

What made you decide on becoming the leader of Golden Troops?

Well, I’ve been helping GT as an advisor ever since they re-opened. I was LIT for a little while but bc of school I went inactive. Now that I’m in for summer break and I know i- as well as the rest of GT staff- have more free time to really bring this army to greater achievements.

Do you have any plans to grow GT into a small/medium powerhouse army?

I know all of GT’s current leadership and staff member pretty well. I have seen them work together behind the scenes but recently it’s been really messy. I’m hoping to reorganize our workload and start making more of a formal schedule so we are all on the same page. With organization and a clear view of our work, it’ll be easy to grow without any bumps in the road.

What are you looking forward to the most as their new leader?

Being able to start bringing this army back together, they have all the pieces to do so it’s just a little messy right now. I know how hard-working these guys are so it isn’t going to be a difficult task.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

It’s time for people to start taking GT seriously. These guys are some seriously hard-working folk and once we get back on our feet there is no stopping us. Hell will be unleashed:GTevil:


Although Neha has had quite the experience in this community since her arrival, she is confident in her abilities to bring the Golden Troops back to what they once were. Only time will tell whether or not her efforts will be enough.

What do YOU think? How will the Golden Troops respond to their new leader? What is next in store for the Golden Troops? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!
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