Project: Conquest – Week 2 In Summary

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The second week of Project: Conquest is over! The community saw another intense week where a lot of changes to the map took place. Who won last week’s battles and which armies have more servers so far?

Map after the first week of battles (click to enlarge)


Silver Empire vs Special Weapons And Tactics (DQ) – Invasion of Parka

As announced last week, SWAT dropped out from Project: Conquest. Therefore, the Silver Empire successfully invaded Parka. The Sidie’s Rangers logged on to defend Parka, but the battle was still a SE victory for 1-0. The server was later renamed KYIZ.

Battle of Parka

Doritos of Club Penguin vs Red Ravagers – Invasion of Masked Dreams

The size difference was crucial in this battle where the Doritos won all three rooms. Masked Dreams was invaded with success and renamed RR’s Unmasked Reality.

Battle of Masked Dreams

Templars of Club Penguin vs Army of Club Penguin – Invasion of Ascent

This battle was certainly one of the greatest moments of the week. ACP had more servers after week one and was the favorite to win. However, the Templars arrived at this battle determined to invade Ascent. In the end, they were able to win all three rooms. According to the judges, during the first room, TCP entered first, had a bigger size, performed faster tactics, and was able to cover ACP for the majority of the room. Room two was the most competitive, with both armies going back and forth. However, in room 3, even though both armies lost size and had disorganized formations, the Templars were still larger in size. Therefore, the invasion of Ascent was successful and the server was later renamed, Acre.

Battle of Ascent

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Magma Clan – Invasion of Lord Pain’s Grave

Magma Clan recently announced a shutdown, and as expected did not show up to the battle. This means that PIC successfully invaded Lord Pain’s Grave, later renamed Sidie9’s Retirement Home.

Battle of Lord Pain’s Grave


Army of Club Penguin vs Templars of Club Penguin – Invasion of Alexandria

After the successful Templars invasion on the previous day, they did not attend this AUSIA battle giving ACP a victory for 1-0. Thus, Alexandria was invaded with success, and the server was renamed Eren’s Basement.

Battle of Alexandria

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Red Ravagers – Invasion of L’Manburg

The Ravvys did not show up to this battle giving PIC a victory for 1-0. The invasion of L’Manburg (renamed Ur Man Burger) was successful.

Battle of L’Manburg


Red Ravagers vs Doritos of Club Penguin – Invasion of Musta’s AFK Store

This battle was one of the closest this week. In the first room, both armies fought hard, and although DCP had a slight size advantage, RR countered that with clean formations and faster tactics deeming it as a tie. In the second room, Doritos dominated with clean formations and speed. However, in the third room, DCP lost their dominance, and the Ravvys performed coordinated bombs and clean formations giving them the victory for that room. As a result of that, the battle ended up as a 1-1-1 draw, meaning that Musta’s AFK Store remains in DCP control.

Battle of Musta’s AFK Store

Templars of Club Penguin vs People’s Imperial Confederation – Invasion of Ur Mom

During the entirety of this battle, the Templars were able to outsize PIC and have impressive tactics. PIC still put up a good fight for the first two rooms, making good use of big word bubbles that covered half of Templars’ formations. However, it wasn’t enough. Templars won all three rooms and successfully invaded Ur Mom, later renamed Leptis Magna.

Battle of Ur Mom 


Army of Club Penguin vs Silver Empire – Invasion of Funny Bone

Last week the Templars attempted to invade Funny Bone and were unsuccessful. This time ACP decided to touch their allies’ Funny Bone, however once again the Silvers showed perseverance. Silver Empire won the first room with their speedy tactics and formations. The second room was deemed a tie and the third was an ACP win. This intense AUSIA battle ended with a 1-1-1 draw, meaning that Funny Bone remains in SE control.

Battle of Funny Bone

Water Vikings vs Special Weapons And Tactics (DQ) – Invasion of Ganger’s Gorillas

Once again without SWAT, this was an easy victory for 1-0 to the Vikings. Thus, the invasion of Ganger’s Gorillas was successful. The server was renamed RIP Ur Mom.

Battle of Ganger’s Gorillas

Water Vikings vs People’s Imperial Confederation – Invasion of Beanie

The Vikings were able to maintain a larger size difference throughout the entire battle, as well as better organized formations. Although PIC did a good job, the battle was a WV victory for 3-0. So, the invasion of Beanie was successful, and the server was renamed Funky’s Duck Pond.

Battle of Beanie

Doritos of Club Penguin vs Golden Troops – Invasion of Sabertooth

Although the Golden Troops fought hard this battle, the Doritos presented a consistent size advantage that, according to the judges, a 3-0 win. Therefore DCP successfully invaded Sabertooth and renamed it Shira’s Shbeep Shack.

Battle of Sabertooth

Silver Empire vs Magma Clan – Invasion of Nisyros

As expected Magma Clan did not attend this battle, meaning that the Silvers successfully invaded Nisyros, which was renamed Clopotel Wharf.

Battle of Nisyros 

After thirteen battles, week two made a big difference in the map and on the standings of each army. As of now, the Doritos, the Silver Empire, and the Water Vikings own more servers, with eight each.


1. Doritos [8]

2. Silver Empire [8]

3. Water Vikings [8]

4. Army of Club Penguin [7]

5. Templars [7]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation [5]

7. Golden Troops [2]

8. Sidie’s Rangers [2]

9. Red Ravagers [2]

10. Magma Clan [1]

Map after the second week of battles. (click to enlarge)

What do YOU think about last week’s battles and their outcomes? Will the Silver Empire, the Doritos, and the Water Vikings stay with the majority of the servers next week? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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