Project Conquest Battle Predictions- Week Two

Klondike, CP Army Headquarters- As the armies in the CPAHQ community get ready to enter week two in Project: Conquest, we get to see a bunch of different battles take place, we saw lots of exciting invasions and defenses but only a few armies came out on top, Will those same armies continue it into week two? What armies will come out on top? Well, The CPAHQ staff has their predictions for you!

Templars vs Army Of Club Penguin

The Templars placed 5th place on this past Top Ten showing that they can get better in size the past week. Army of Club Penguin placed in 2nd on the Top Ten, having incredible max sizes and an abundance of activity. Will ACP be able to defend their land from the Crusaders? The staff makes their predictions on who they think will win this weeks most anticipated battle.

A Recent ACP event.

DMT: Director in Chief- Templars 2-1-0

Fusion: Editor in Chief- Army of Club Penguin 3-0-0

Crazzy: Head Moderator- Army of Club Penguin 3-0-0

Action: Reporter- Army of Club Penguin 3-0-0


 People’s Imperial Confederation vs Red Ravagers

The People’s Imperial Confederation placed 11th on the Top Ten this past week showing good sizes. Red Ravagers, on the other hand, placed 14th (tied) on the Top Ten and have had smaller sizes as of late.  Who will win this S/M battle? The staff shares their opinion on the matchup!

A recent PIC event.

DMT: Director-in-Chief- People’s Imperial Confederation 2-0-1 (W/L/D)

Fusion: Editor in Chief- People’s Imperial Confederation 2-0-1 (W/L/D)

Crazzy: Head Moderator- People’s Imperial Confederation 2-1-0

Action: Reporter- People’s Imperial Confederation 3-0-0


 Doritos vs Golden Troops

The Doritos placed 9th on top ten showing they are a force to be reckoned with since their return to the community, The Golden Troopswhile placing 14th (tied) on the Top Ten, didn’t let their sizes put them down. Will GT be able to defend their beloved home of Sabertooth from DCP? The CPAHQ staff agreed on who they think will take the win in this battle.

A recent DCP event.

DMT: Director in Chief- Doritos 3-0-0

Fusion: Editor in Chief- Doritos 3-0-0

Crazzy: Head Moderator-Doritos 1-0-2 (W/L/D)

Action: ReporterDoritos 3-0-0

What do YOU think? Which armies will win this week? Did the CPAHQ staff made the right choices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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