Red Ravagers Celebrate One Year of Activity

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  The Red Ravagers have recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary! Let’s take a look back at how the army started and progressed. Read on more down below to find out! 

In May of 2020, the Red Ravagers were founded by Maxine and Honda. Fast-forwarding to June they had made their debut with an event maxing 12. which made them an official army under Club Penguin Army Media (CPAM). Later on, they registered their army as a small/medium army under Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH).

Within months of the Red Ravagers being active, Honda and Maxine had stepped down from the leadership. making MermaidBri their new leader back in September of 2020. Later on in 2021, MermaidBri had stepped down from leadership as well, soon after they had announced BaileyBear as their new red commander.

Red Ravagers maxing 12 at the opening event in June 2020.

The Red Ravagers have achieved a significant amount throughout the year, being able to place in the Top Tens for several weeks. The ‘Ravvys’  also participated in several wars as well, most recently declaring war on the Silver Empire in support of their Help Force allies. Back in January of 2021, they announced the shutdown of the army due to unforeseen dangerous attacks within the community. On February 9th, 2021 once the coast was clear, the staff of the Red Ravagers has decided to bring back the army into the community. The army remains a significant Small/Medium force to this day.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Red Commander BaileyBear for a special interview!

What has been your favorite memory in Red Ravagers since day 1? 

I have a new favorite moment almost every day in RR. But I know all of my favorite moments are the ones that were just all of us vibing and being friends. When we weren’t thinking of how sizes and we just hung out. The one that sticks out to me the most was our event on July 15th it was a normal training and it was going well and then someone dressed as an army bot came in and we LOST IT. He did some tactics with us and left but we chased after him. Eventually, we caught them and got them to join the RR server and he was looking for the new army at the time anyway, so he decided to join us. The next moment I don’t remember the date of but it was in the Box Dimension and we were just having another training and then someone threw a snowball and realized they would like to wiggle when you threw them. So everyone had to throw one to see what it looked like, which eventually turned into a huge snowball fight. These are my favorite moments because they taught me what was important as I progressed my way to the leader. I have always said “What’s the point if it isn’t fun?” and I carry that with me as a leader today. Maxing high is great but only if we are enjoying our time.
How does it feel being in Red Ravagers for 1yr now?
It doesn’t feel like a year at all, yet it also feels like it has been decades with how much has happened. I have seen this army go through so many ups and downs. It makes me love it so much. I can’t wait to watch the people on my new team grow and mature with the army, just as I did. I know even with how much we accomplished this year we have so much to do.
What do you see in the future for the Red Ravagers?
In the future of Red Ravagers, I see us keeping our friendly and welcoming energy, but we will have a lot of changes. Mostly behind the scenes. We will definitely be working on self-growth a lot in the coming days, weeks, or maybe months. It’s your guess bahahaha. Keep your eyes out because Ravvies are ever-changing and it’ll be exciting to see.
Is there anything else you would like to say?
DREAD THE RED and see you next year!!
What do YOU think? Did the Red Ravagers have a successful year? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below.
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